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Google’s Field Trip app updated with Material Design


Google has got a lot going on in the mobile space. So much so that it’s often easy to forget some of the more unique apps it owns like Field Trip, an app that works like a virtual travel guide serving you automated information on everything from a cities local history to its best restaurants and themes parks. Today Field Trip is getting a major update, complete with a new Material Design look and more.

Before today’s update, Field Trip was one of Google’s most visually interesting apps. Instead of clean, white cards and bold colors, Field Trip used linen and paper-like textures for backgrounds, rounded corners and outdated icons. Now, Field Trip version 2.0.5 fits right in with the rest of Google’s apps. The new Field Trip app looks sleek and modern, to borrow from its own words, without sacrificing any of the useful information the app is known for.

Along with its new design, the new version of Field Trip also boasts “new content from hundreds of publishers” and performance improvements all around. To download the latest version of Field Trip, feel free to use the download button. We’re curious, how many of you have tried Field Trip and what do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below.

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Source: Field Trip on Google Play

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