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Huawei Honor 6 Plus hands-on

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Huawei didn’t announce a new phone a CES this year, but they did bring the Huawei Honor 6 Plus, which was just announced a few weeks back. Specs include a 5.5-inch 1920×1080 display, 1.8GHz octa-core Kirin 925 processor, 3GB of RAM, 16GB of storage that can be expanded with up to a 128GB microSD card, a generous 3600mAh battery, and dual-SIM slots, all running on Android 4.4 with Huawei’s EMUI 3.0 custom user interface.

At first glance, there’s nothing really impressive about the Huawei Honor 6 Plus, but things do get a little interesting when you take a closer look at the phone’s optics. Huawei appears to be taking notes form HTC’s playbook by equipping the Honor 6 Plus with two cameras on the back, allowing for the same refocusing technique that HTC introduced on the HTC One (M8) last spring.

But the similarities don’t stop there. The two 8-megapixel imaging sensors on the back of the Honor 6 Plus are UltraPixel-esque, with pixels measuring 1.98 microns, nearly the same size at the 2 micron pixels that HTC uses on its UltraPixel sensor. Since the show floor is extremely bright, we were not able to test out how well the camera performs in low light, but we’re hoping it does just as well as the HTC One (M8) with the added bonus of double the resolution. 

If you’ve used HTC’s DuoCamera setup, the refocusing effect on the Honor 6 Plus should be very familiar. You do need to be in a special camera mode when you want to take advantage of both image sensors, but once you’ve captured your image, you can go back and tap the section of the image you want in focus, set the blur level, or even apply color effects to the foreground or background of the image. 

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Unfortunately, there’s really not much else to talk about besides the camera on the Huawei Honor 6 Plus. The specs are decent, but we found that the device would stutter from time to time when opening the camera or a few of the other stock apps. Those who like to customize their phone’s UI may like Huawei’s EMUI 3.0 since it has a powerful theme engine that can change nearly all elements of the UI and app icons.

The build of the Honor 6 Plus is solid, but the design is a bit muted. The front of the phone is a generic slab and the back has a sub-layer texture with a clear glossy coating. The good news is that Huawei is pricing the H0nor 6 Plus at $320 for the base 3G model, but you will have to pay upwards of $400 if you want 4G connectivity and NFC built in.

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