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ASUS drops another CES 2015 tease, hints at device with optical zoom

image ASUS CES 2015 tease

On December 21, ASUS decided to tease at least one of its upcoming devices for 2015 with a quick public post on its Facebook page. The tagline, “See what others can’t see”, managed to garner some attention. Now ASUS has used it again for another tease leading up to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Today ASUS posted yet another quick teaser video to its Facebook page that uses the same tagline as before. This video is a bit different than the first, though, insofar that it’s main focus is a metallic background with a series of lines and dots imprinted upon it. Within the teaser, which lasts just about seven seconds, what sounds to be Morse code can be heard as well.

Putting it all together, it would appear that ASUS is teasing yet another element of a camera-focused device with optical zoom. While the finer details regarding ASUS’s upcoming device are still a mystery, it would certainly appear that the company is keeping its attention on the camera. We’ll just have to hope it’s worth all the attention when the handset is revealed next week.

Source: ASUS Facebook

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  • wyl

    that is morse code on there reads

    oem etitete eteti mi o o m

    • Wayne

      The dots and dashes in the image spell out the word Optical Zoom.