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Cricket Wireless tweaks plans, introduces limited time 20GB high-speed option


On Friday, January 30, Cricket Wireless unveiled a few tweaks to its existing plans and also unveiled a brand new, limited time high-speed plan with a few more gigabytes of data per month.

The changes take effect today and reflect alterations to the Basic and Smart plans. For the former, what was previously only 1GB of data per month has now been bumped up to 2.5GB per month for just $35 per month (after a $5 Auto Pay credit is applied). For the latter, Cricket’s Smart Plan now offers 5GB per month for $45 (after the $5 Auto Pay credit), up from the previous 3GB per month. Cricket’s 10GB Pro Plan is staying the same, but if you need a bit more data per month than that, Cricket’s got you covered with a limited time plan.

image Cricket Wireless new plan

The new plan is called the Advanced Plan, and Cricket says that it’s going to be sticking around only for a “limited time.” When availability might end, though, isn’t said. The plan offers up 20GB of high-speed data per month, for $55 per month (after the $5 Auto Pay credit).

For anyone looking to switch over to Cricket, the prepaid carrier is now offering a free month of service to those who make the jump. If you do switch, you’ll need to choose either the Smart, Pro or Advanced plans, and you’ll also need to complete two months of service before you’ll get a free month.

What do you think of Cricket’s new pricing and Advanced Plan?

Source: Cricket Wireless

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  • CaptainDoug

    I’m using Crickets “Smart” plan so I’ll definitely be going down to the Basic option. Wife and I use it and the value is awesome. GSM phones, lots of data for the price and even though they cap the speeds (8mbps down 4 up) it’s still good enough for most anything. Coverage is great too. I was on Verizon for a long time but being stuck with only those phones and paying twice as much is just stupid. Prepaid plans have come a long way in the last few years. They are a real option now.

    • Steven

      I have Cricket also and I enjoy it. I just wish the speed cap wasn’t there….

    • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

      I actually hit 7-9 mbps uplink!

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    Cricket runs on AT&T, right? Is it better than StraightTalk? Looks like the price is!

    • Steven

      That’s what I’ve been wondering. Ive been it using Straight Talk with ATT LTE but its not limited to 8mbps like Cricket. Ive hit over 30mbps before. If they gave me a free SIM card, I’d try it to see what the speeds and coverage were like. I could probably drop to 2.5gb from 3gb

    • Steven

      Yup, Cricket runs off AT&T and like AIO the speeds get stuck at 8 :(

      • Matt

        I don’t get it then, what’s the point of “4G/4GLTE” if you’re capped at 8mbps? Are the data amounts also hard caps? IE after 20GB then no more data or do they throttle your speed even further, 1mbps ???

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    On second thought, holy crap that is so tempting to ditch Verizon to go to this, especially for the price!

    • CaptainDoug

      It really is better than Straighttalk. I’ve tried Straight talk, Simple Mobile, tmobile and Cricket as well as Verizon(post paid). Possibly something else… anyway, Simple Mobile is pretty good but I didn’t get service where I worked(same story for Tmobile since its the same network). Straight Talk uses AT&T towers mostly but they aren’t upfront about what their plans actually give you. They throttle a lot and the service just feels shady. Cricket replaced AIO so they really are AT&T’s own prepaid service meaning a bit more professionalism. The service is fleshed out nicely. As long as you have coverage in you area, I highly recommend it. The service is good but the pricing is astounding. Wife and I pay $70 for 2 lines of LTE of “unlimited” which throttles at 2.5GB data. We have WiFi at home so we don’t need more but if we did the value still holds and then some.

      • Steven

        Straight Talk has changed from when you had them. Their data is very clear these days. 3gb of ATT LTE for $45. There’s no more mystery or cancellation threats

        • Steven

          Oh and after the 3gb, your speeds are slowed.. But during your LTE stage, you’re not limited to 8mbps like Cricket. Depends how you use your phone

          • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

            Yeah, my wife’s phone is on Straight Talk and it used to get slow data… the other day I did a speedtest and it was over 20 mbps!

        • BM

          I don’t mind the 8mbps. I’ve watched Netflix movies on lte through cricket. I switched because I got a moto g for 25 bucks from cricket and the price per month is cheaper for the same thing as with straighttalk, plus the 5 bucks off for autopay and no hidden fees (I always hated that my 45 buck plan cost 48.75). Plus I was on Verizon with straighttalk and now I’m on att,, which in my opinion has better coverage, but Verizon is close (and I know that that depends on the phone you buy but sometimes they muddle it and make it hard to determine what network you’re going to get). My wife still uses straighttalk so I have nothing against them (as I pay the bill). I would recommend either one. I would bet that eventually the speed wars will start and we’ll have nothing to worry about.

      • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

        I forgot to check back in here, I totally made the switch last week with my Nexus 6. If anyone reads this, and you’re coming from Verizon, make sure you force it to GSM!!! I didn’t do that and it wouldn’t work, so I did a factory data reset and it worked. Afterwards I concluded with someone else that might be the culprit why it didn’t work at first. SIM card was being read, but no signal.

    • Dirty Budha

      Keep in mind that AT&T full customers get priority over other users on their towers.

      • yeah right

        Prove it!
        Otherwise you’re just blowing smoke.

        • Steven

          That’s how prepaid MVNO Works by carrier contract customers

  • Jon

    I’m doing what CaptainDoug did. Thanks, AndroidAndMe, for saving me $10/month!

  • Kevin

    Just an FYI, but Cricket throttles their LTE to 8 MBps and doesn’t really advertise the fact. So, it will be slower than Straight Talk. Honestly, its slower than T-Mobile’s HSPA+ in my experience.

    • Steven

      I’ve gotten over 30mbps on Straight Talk with ATT LTE SIM. But I also notice when I’m with a friend who is an ATT contract customer and we do simultaneous speed tests in areas where my speeds are slower, he’s always got a better connection.

      • Matt


        **High-Speed LTE Data Access: Cricket’s Basic, Smart, Pro and Advanced unlimited plans include 1GB, 3GB, 10GB and 20GB high-speed LTE data access allowances, respectively. Data use exceeding these high-speed access allowances will result in data download speeds reduced to a maximum 128Kbps for the remainder of the monthly billing cycle.

  • Alina8898

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  • David

    Just upgraded from pro to advanced!! Been using cricket for a while and LOVE THEM.. This is very good news!! If you would like a $25 credit for joining cricket use this link below!


  • Hito

    Note (fine print) : Advanced plan for LTE devices only. HSPA+ only devices won’t be eligible.

    • Shoop

      Actually when you type in the IMEI of the Nexus 4 the website does allow it and you can purchase for the phone/IMEI. So, it will will work HSPA+ phones too.

  • Ian bladuell

    How long does the 20gb advance offer is for, my straight Talk att prepaid plan at 3gb is paid through 7/8/15 already.

    Any suggestions to jump now or ride it out till july?

    • Shoop

      Offer Terms
      Advanced Plan Offer Terms

      Valid 1/30/15 – 4/9/15. 20 GB High Speed Data for $60/month. Once you exceed data allotment you will be throttled down to 128kps. Includes unlimited talk and text and Unlimited International SMS. Not eligible for Group Save discount. Requires LTE Device. Eligible for auto-pay discount and Bridge Pay. Existing customers will need to change their rate plan via My Account online or in-store. Limit 3 rate plan changes per month

  • nour

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  • Jen

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