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Deezer buys Cricket’s Muve Music service, Cricket users can get cheap Deezer subs


Familiar with Deezer? If not, you will be soon.

Cricket Wireless revealed today that it’s struck a deal with streaming music service Deezer that’ll see the latter company acquire the former’s Muve Music download service. Cricket customers aren’t going to go music-less as a result of the deal, though, because they’ll be getting access to Deezer’s catalog of 35 million songs and more than 30,000 internet radio stations.

Move Music is expected to shut down on February 7. However, existing Muve customers will get a two-month free trial of Deezer starting on January 31, and they’ll get an extra two months if they move to Cricket’s new GSM network as well. All new and existing Cricket customers on its LTE network will get a free 15-day trial of Deezer. Once these trial periods expire, Cricket customers will be able to sign up for a premium Deezer subscription for $6 per month.

While Muve Music customers may be disappointed to hear that their service is going away, this deal looks pretty good for them. Not only are they getting a free trial and cheap subscription to Deezer, but they can also transfer their Muve Music library to Deezer, meaning that they won’t lose a thing in the transition.

Source: Cricket Wireless

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  • jobdollarr best marketplace

    Thanks good article

  • Trina P.

    I will be buying a new phone from cricket next month due to them switching to At&T. Will the new Deezer music appcwork on new phone purchase from cricket even if muve music is not on the new phone? Or is there an App we can download?

  • DemoniaRose

    I am becoming livid just reading this!! the only reason I have Cricket’s shitty ass ripoff of a plan is for my FREE MUSIC!!! if they take that away well im gone. there’s no way in hell im paying 6 extra bucks a month on top of my way too expensive phone bill. they’re going to lose a lot of customers, including myself, unless this new app has good selection of music(metal, psychopathic,rock),as well as the same FREE access as before! Cricket really fucked up this time! I WANT MY FREE MUSIC!!!!!!