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Facebook has big plans for Messenger in 2015, like voice-to-text and ads


Ever since Facebook killed off the messaging portion of the mobile app (at least for the most part), people have been forced to move to Facebook Messenger. And I never understood why that was a bad thing, as the Messenger app is pretty decent. Yeah, it’s just another app cluttering your phone, but it has its value. But Facebook is hoping to change it significantly in 2015.

Facebook’s vice president of messaging products, David Marcus, mentioned that in 2015, the company will be bringing voice-to-text to the app. This will allow people to send written messages without typing. This will be done with machine learning technology. While it can’t be all that different from your smartphone’s built in voice-to-text, maybe Facebook plans to improve on it somehow.

The next big change will be some form of ads or monetization. While Marcus said that these ads wouldn’t be intrusive and that Facebook would make sure to choose a method of monetization that doesn’t get in your face, I know people won’t like it. Hopefully Marcus is right, as I actually use the Messenger app and don’t want to be bombarded with ads on an already cramped display.

Do you use Facebook Messenger? What do you think about these changes? Leave a comment!

Via: WSJ

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  • jerrbomb

    I understand that they have to me money.. But do they have to put ads in everything especially in app that’s already crowded as is..

  • stolenheartdealer

    F Messenger and F Facebook. Uninstall that stuff from your phone and you will be much much happier.