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Falcon Pro 3 hits Google Play

Falcon Pro 3

Third-party Twitter apps are a touchy subject for many. Twitter’s stinginess with tokens for third-party apps has led to several great apps being left dead in the water. Likely the most famous of the apps is Falcon Pro, a third-party Twitter app that soared in popularity and then hit a wall when it ran out of tokens. Not long after, the developer ceased to support the app and it was left for the faithful few who continued to use it.

But the Falcon brand is rising once again. Just over two weeks ago, Falcon developer Joaquim Verges announced that he would be rebuilding the app using Material Design. The result hit the Play Store this morning under the title of Falcon Pro 3. While the excitement for the new app was high, many have been left underwhelmed. The current release seems like much more of an early beta build than anything substantial.

Falcon Pro 3 is extremely bare bones, lacking even Direct Message support. Surprisingly, it includes multi-account support, but that’s going to cost you extra. Falcon Pro 3 is unlocked using an in-app purchase of $3.99, and each extra account will be another $1.99. The move is designed to help conserve the amount of tokens available.

Still, Falcon Pro 3 has some great features and loads of potential. It’s garbed in a classy, dark Material Design skin that makes it far more appealing than most Twitter clients. It’s also incredibly fast, with use of caching and extensive optimization for Android 5.0 Lollipop. Finally, it includes a whole lot of support for columns, allowing quite literally anything in Twitter to be added as a column.

Follow the source link below to pick up Falcon Pro 3 for yourself.

Source: Falcon Pro 3 (Play Store)

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  • Gian Ciammariconi

    I’m sure the app will evolve, but right now, I bought the IAP for a single user and felt scammed. It’s definitely a beta build that the developer is selling us for 4$. There are no settings whatsoever, no DM, no way to configure anything. And since it’s an IAP, there’s no refunds! I sincerely hope this app is updated with new features soon or it will be the biggest scam in the app store in a long time.

  • Jigjags

    i paid for falcon last time around and won’t be paying again for essetially the same app …rip off …gone back to plume which is by far the best twitter app

  • Stefan

    But my simple question is how long it will take for play store to keep the Nexus 6 in stock according to its demand? I just keep trying from so long but not able to successful. The best quality of Nexus 6 is faster charging with turbo charger and compatibility with pocket wireless car charger. I don’t care about this Falcon.

  • Jan Staníček

    Author of application is very responsive, and he is adding features every day. $4 is not so big amount even for his previous work. Falcon is one of best twitter clients, I have tried.