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Google earned $4.76 billion in net income for Q4 2014

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Google has posted its Q4 2014 results, revealing that the company earned $18.1 billion in revenue during the final quarter of last year. That marks a significant improvement over Q4 2013, during which Google earned $16.86 billion, resulting in a 15 percent year-over-year increase. Net income for Q4 2014 came out to $4.76 billion, with profits ending up at a healthy $3.38 billion.

The vast majority of Google’s revenue came from advertising, totaling up to 89 percent of earned revenue. This isn’t surprising, as Google’s enormous ad network is primarily the largest earner for the company. Google did, however, note that Q4 marked strong growth in Play Store sales. YouTube also saw large growth, with more viewers and a substantial bump in revenue. Additionally, Google earned $740 million from the sale of Motorola to Lenovo.

Well as the company did, it didn’t quite meet the high expectations of investors and analysts. Estimations pinned revenue at $18.46 billion and an earning per share of $7.11. Actual earnings per share came out to be $6.88. While the company wasn’t far off, it didn’t reach the goals that were set for it. Nonetheless, Google isn’t struggling in any sense and continues to grow.

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Source: Google

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  • ellett

    Please note the phrase “goals…sweet for it”. These are not goals that Google set for itself; they were made up by some analyst somewhere. Google has always said that they are not out to maximize quarterly profits; they are in business for the long haul. Since voting control is held by those with the long haul mentality, Google can let the analysts pound sand.

    • ellett

      What, I can’t edit my own post?!

      $&#! autocorrect changed set to sweet.
      “Set for it”.

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