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Google Fiber officially expanding to four new cities

google fiber internet boradband Image via: qwrrty with Creative Commons

With rumors of a Google Fiber expansion popping up, many were waiting to hear which cities would receive the super-fast Internet service. Today, via the Google Fiber Blog, Google announced four new cities to which Google Fiber will be expanding. The cities are Atlanta, Ga., Nashville, Tenn., Charlotte, N.C. and Raleigh-Durham, N.C., marking a significant expansion in the Southeast.

The project is currently in the design phase within the four cities. Google has been working with the cities over the past year to plan out the fiber-optic network layout and expects to finish this phase within a few months. After that, Google will begin construction of the underground fiber-optic network. Once that’s finished, interested customers can sign up and have Google Fiber connected to their home.

Google Fiber Expansion

This expansion is a large one for Google Fiber, with four cities that are definitely getting Google Fiber, rather than just having the potential. Customers within these new markets should be happy, and many are looking forward to being able to get gigabit Internet speeds at affordable pries. With the Internet having such an impact on today’s society, the demand for faster Internet has continued to rise and is leading to the spread of gigabit networks like Google Fiber and its competitors.

Source: Google Fiber Blog

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  • N

    Houston deserves this more than San Antonio.

    • Bob

      Says you, I am sure SA would say the same thing.

    • Sean

      Deserves? A little bit of an entitlement issue here I believe. This is completely an assessment by Google as to how much the communities are willing to work with them. If Houston isn’t on the list it is because the city leadership didn’t pursue it. Want Google Fiber in Houston? Let your city council know and tell them why it is important.

  • RonWeez

    Finally Atlanta ! Now I just hope it expands to metro atlanta. specifically Douglasville

  • tetracycloide

    Win the hearts of regulators, expand to the DC area!