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Google introduces Cast for audio

Google Chromecast

The Google Chromecast became extremely popular last year, having broken into the mainstream market at a pace unusual for Google hardware. Thanks to the low price tag, ease of use, and recommendation of countless websites, Chromecast use has skyrocketed.

But while Google Cast can currently cast music and video to TVs using Chromecast or Android TV, Google wanted the Cast protocol to do more. The company has now introduced Google Cast for audio, which is a new standard for embedding Cast support in standalone audio devices. This will allow you to stream music to sound system with the same ease as to TVs.

Support from Sony, LG, and Denon has been announced and we should the first Cast supported speakers this spring. And as with normal casting, it can be done from Android, iOS, or a computer. For those with a taste for dedicated music systems, this will definitely be awesome. And it seems a lot easier than a Bluetooth speaker.

Source: Google Chrome Blog

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  • lolwut

    Purchased a little $15 bluetooth receiver by inateck for just this purpose last year. it will be interesting to see how this new product fares and how well it works as my only complaint with the bluetooth receiver is the short range and slight drop in fidelity that comes with anything bluetooth