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Google is planning to become a wireless carrier

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Google could be looking to make a major move in the cellular market. According to a report from The Information, Google is planning to launch its own wireless carrier. The project was rumored quite a while ago, and it seems that Google is making headway on it. Reportedly codenamed “Nova”, the mobile carrier initiative will run on Sprint and T-Mobile’s networks. The goal is to provide lower costs and an improved experience with mobile carriers, which is often a complaint, particularly in the US.

Google is also said to be prepping new communication apps to tie in with the move. Whether these are updated versions of existing apps, such as Hangouts, or entirely new apps is unknown. The move, however, would allow Google to truly deliver an end-to-end experience to users, particularly those with Nexus devices. In such a scenario, Google would control the hardware, software and network plans available to a customer, allowing the company to deliver a straight-shot experience with even more control than Apple. While it could be great, it also seems to drift away from one of the tenets of Android: its openness.

What are your thoughts on the possibility of Google becoming a mobile carrier?

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Source: The Information

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  • CaptainDoug

    Awesome idea. Hopefully this will allow them to release Nexus(Android Silver?) devices much easier.
    Side note, is Sprint really worth it? Everyone I’ve met with their service isn’t a fan. They seem to have some decent deals but the network just doesn’t seem great. Have I heard wrong?

    • jerrbomb

      Your right Sprint service does suck in some areas.. But where Sprint lacks T-Mobile USA will pick up which is probably why it’s choosing to run off. Of both networks.. Maybe the the possibility of your cellular service being able to switch between networks when and if necessary give the user a greater user experience. Now as for Androidandme.com saying that this might ruin the openness of Android I don’t think that to be quite true. The Nexus will still be able to be the same. But other phones that have Android should be barred from skinning Android as they usually do. I do agree that heavy skins like Samsungs own proprietary one should be lessened a bit but I don’t see Google being so anal about filtering what phones might be available on their own network.

    • elsin

      Actually where I live sprint has better coverage than at&t. When I had them they were ok. I’m with tmobile now and its much better now. I don’t travel outside the big cities so I don’t realy need that out in the boonies coverage that at&t provides.

  • John Patrick

    Sounds like a great idea except Google is known for creating services and then deciding to bail later.

    • danny chapman

      Sounds good has always been ahead of the flock, but harness challenging android, it openness, improve or keep?

  • concerned

    Wow, we’ll have like ONE other choice of wireless carrier! One! Oh my god! And this one can’t be any worse than the crap choices we all have now and perhaps potentially even better! Hallelujah and bring it, Google!

  • Skip Heflin

    Wish they would so that I could tell Verizon to kiss my money making [email protected]@!

  • wgpeter

    Bring it on. I’m sure they are testing out the cell service to make sure it’s not sub par. Google doesn’t seem to just put their name on anything that is crap. I hope they bring it on. I am pretty sure this family would be jumping ship and heading towards Google in a minute.

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    This is awesome. I have been saying they need to do this on their own to control everything. They can offer better prices than the main carriers. And Google has enough money to build their own towers over time. This is what they should do.

  • http://knewhost.com neo4uo

    Where do I sign up LoL ;)

  • Onuoha Vivian Smile

    How do I go about this