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Google Maps updated to version 9.3 with shareable directions and more

image Google Maps version 9.3

Google Maps, one of the most popular Google apps out there, has just been updated to bring it up to version 9.3. And along with the new version number come plenty of new features.

The latest update to Google Maps was released on Wednesday, January 14, with a planned rollout for the days ahead. As of the time of this writing, Google Play is listing the update as released. While the update itself may not be massive, it does add some features that should be worthwhile to users. First and foremost, the ability to share directions right from within the app. This means that any app that’s accessible through the standard share function can now accept those directions, which should make it easier to help friends and family members get around without actually having to be present.

Another small but likely welcomed update includes the ability to permanently dismiss the pop-up notification for location accuracy if the settings aren’t exactly what Maps is looking for (like if Wi-Fi is turned off). There’s now a small box to check if you don’t want to be notified again.

The update should hit your devices soon if it hasn’t already.


Source: Android Police

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