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Google Play edition devices are gone, likely forever


We’ve seen the Google Play edition devices disappearing from the Play Store slowly but surely over the last several months. Today the final holdout, the HTC One (M8) Google Play edition, has been giving its pink slip as well.

This hardly comes as a surprise given that, save for the One (M8), the flagship devices of last year were notably missing from the Play edition program. Whether it was the partners or Google that pulled the plug on the program is unknown, but neither side could be blamed given the likely minuscule sales of these devices.

We certainly welcomed the idea when it was first introduced, after all it freed us to look beyond the Nexus line for pure Google software, but the pricing took the wind out of the sails for most buyers. And as many of the manufacturers have gotten less heavy-handed with their Android skins, the need for this program was greatly diminished.

Are you sorry to see the Google Play edition device program go or do you feel it was an idea that had seen its time?

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Source: Google Play

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  • Gwen

    I’m totally ticked off by this! My last 3 phones have all been pure Nexus direct from the Play store, unlocked and unbeholden to any carrier! I object loudly to being left to the mercy of carriers and big-box stores. I liked the ability to go to the Play Store, choose my device, and have it shipped immediately. The price didn’t bother me, as the “deals” you get from carriers are horrible and lock you in to payment plans for years, and wind up costing more than the retail price in the long run. I use a phone until it no longer works, and this has worked for me. I hope they haven’t gotten rid of the Devices category forever!

    • http://facebook.com/jestertx2001 Jesse Moreno

      They’re not getting rid of the ability to buy Nexus devices, are they? I thought they were just nixing the GPE devices? Did anyone else get this from the article?

      • jerrbomb

        This article didn’t explicitly day anything about the Nexus devices.. Only the GPe devices. Nor did it imply acting of the sort.

    • Chris

      Your comment doesn’t make any sense. You’ve never even bought a GPe phone before… you admitted to buying the less expensive Nexus version.

  • Anseric Soete

    It’s a pity, but then again. There is root, cyanogenmod,…
    I turn every phone is a standard android phone!

  • bardo

    “Are you sorry to see the Google Play edition device program go or do you feel it was an idea that had seen its time?”

    As you said, the pricing destroyed the concept before it could ever get off the ground. It’s sad that the idea never really stood a chance, because the idea was good. But it’s completely unsurprising to me that it’s getting tossed aside.

  • Gene Castillo

    Did anyone realize that the devices disappeared at the same time that the Google mobile service rumor popped up again? Maybe. . . we’ll see them again soon enough! :)

  • vbvb

    eF u, Android. I am tired from your shit. iPhone, here i come.