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Google Translate to get live voice translation

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Google Translate is a pretty fantastic service, translating better than other services and offering features like translating text in photos (on Android anyway). But with voice translation, it usually takes a while for you to finish speaking and for the app to translate it. Microsoft recently added live voice translation to text in Skype, and it looks like Google may do the same for its translation service.

According to a report by the New York Times, Google will be adding the live translation feature to its service sometime in the future. Though there are few details on what languages will be supported and how well it’ll work, Google’s expertise with languages and its acquisition of Quest Visual (creators of Word Lens) make it seem very promising.

Live translations are very useful for travel and ask people questions without having to wait, and Skype’s implementation in a voice calling app is pretty amazing. Hopefully Google nails implementation of its live translation. Translating grammar from one language to another is hard enough, but doing it live? We’ll see how Google handles it.

Via: Phandroid

Source: New York Times

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  • Bart

    While most people would indeed use this while traveling, I find this helpful even in my hometown. In my public ministry I encounter people of various languages (predominantly Spanish, Tagalog, Hindi and others). Instead of just turning away, this is a good way to engage anyone in a brief discussion. Admittedly, it can be a bit socially awkward to take my phone out in plain view of the person standing at their door and having no idea what I am doing, but I find if I launch the app first, I can reduce the amount of stagnant time.