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Here’s a clearer look at the HTC One (M9)

HTC One (M9) (3)

Yesterday brought us our first look at the HTC One (M9), HTC’s upcoming flagship. The images were blurry and poorly lit, but the phone appeared to be nearly identical to the HTC One (M8). Today’s set of pictures confirms that, both through clearer pictures as well as a comparison with the One (M8). As you can see from the back shot above, the camera hole has been made larger and is now square. You can also make out the re-positioned power button, which is now located underneath the volume rocker on the right side.

The shot below is one that compares the One (M9) to the One (M8), at least on the front. As you can see, the differences are minimal at best. The front-facing camera and sensors appear slightly larger, and the bezels look to have shrunk a bit. It is hard to tell, though, if anything has changed on the front. For now, we’ll take the word of Nowhereelse and assume that there are very minor changes with the bezels and sensors.

HTC One (M9) (4)

Finally, you can see the image below, which is a render of the One (M9) inside of a thick, protective case. Aside from the rear camera and moved power button, it looks exactly like the One (M8). It has been rumored that the volume rocker is now split into two separate buttons, which the case could indicate by having a dip in the middle of the volume rocker.

HTC One (M9) (5)

From what we can tell, the One (M9) is turning out to be remarkably similar to the One (M8), at least on the outside. Rumors have suggested that the One (M9) could feature well-improved specs including a 20-megapixel camera and Snapdragon 810 processor. We’re looking forward to the launch of the One (M9), which is set for March 1 at MWC.

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  • romdude

    Fan of huge black bottom bezel with htc name, I’m not. I’ll be keeping my M7 and just buy from another brand. Thanks for not listening HTC.

    • trwnh

      As an M7 user, I don’t care about the bottom bezel. My only major concern is with the brushed metal texture. I do hope they’ve toned it down. The M7′s smooth aluminum look was better. (It’s not enough for me to not buy the phone, though.)

    • Tangent

      Eliminate the front facing stereo speakers, have the components that would have occupied that spot take up space under that black bar, or make the entire device thicker. Choose one. Personally, I’ll happily accept that small bar in exchange for the sound those speakers provide.

  • JamesD.

    Guys, why are you complaining about that black bar ?! You are so annoying.
    That bar has its own purpose and functionality. Plus, it contributes a lot to the looks of the phone. Otherwise, you couldnt tell the difference between bottom and top.. it would be plain and unstylish.

    A thing I dont really like about the M9 is the ugly camera. Why didnt they keep the circular camera?! This one looks outdated and just wrong.

    • Jon

      Really? The SHAPE of the camera ?

      • JamesD.

        Well, it looks weird, outdated and cheap-ish to me. That’s what I think.

        M8 was prettier. Too bad it has a 4UP-camera.

        • trwnh

          My only concern with prettiness is that brushed metal texture. I liked the smooth M7 more. Hope they’ve toned it down here.

  • john

    internally the upgrade is great but design is really poor if it is just going to be like that, might as well get samsung galaxy s6

  • Lucas

    Did someone killed the designer of M7?

    • trwnh

      Scott Croyle left the company to do his own thing.

  • james

    I’m not too mad about the design, but at the same time not I’ve got another year on my contract with an m8 so fingers crossed for the m10

  • Andro8

    Nice post . Very help ful and informatic.
    A ful Android Library

  • Sociallei