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HTC is using decoy bodies for the One (M9)


HTC is serious about keeping the One (M9)‘s design under wraps, going as far as using decoy bodies for the device to keep its design hidden until launch. Multiple photos have leaked in the past week, revealing a One (M9) that looked remarkably similar to the One (M8), with very few exceptions. But according to the blog, HTC Source, the HTC One (M9) has actually been hiding in decoy shells, so as to not reveal the design, while still testing the internals.

HTC Source also has some details to report about the design. The One (M9) will reportedly feature an edge-to-edge display that switches the BoomSound speaker grilles to slits that will rest at the very top and bottom edges of the display. It will also have a front-facing camera design that’s similar to that found on the Desire 826, meaning that it will be a large lens centered above the display.

Using decoy bodies isn’t new to HTC, as it successfully used them on the HTC One (M7). The move isn’t bad either. In fact, we prefer it. Interesting as it is to see leaks, it’s much nicer to see a finalized version of the device that corresponds with its launch, allowing it to be a surprise for everyone. With that in mind, we look forward to March 1, when we’ll likely see the finalized design of the One (M9).

Source: HTC Source

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  • namesib

    Quite convincing cases if true, and there are multiple leaked images with the same design. But I am suspicious of how similar it is to the M8; would they really do that? I want to see more leaks.

  • http://www.baldypal.com Adam Jones

    I totally suspected this type of move because of the awesome speaker slits on the Desire Eye. Too gorgeous and sound too great to leave off the main flagship.

    • Maddy

      I was looking forward to this phone since December ….. until I heard the front camera will be in the center of the top, as in Htc desire 826 or eye. Nothing more horrible to me !! It’s just annoying and it looks wrong.

      • Kenneth

        What’s so wrong with that makes for centered selfies and not off centered ones its not going to be a big deal you big baby, if you like HTC then you’ll learn to like the real design and just wait to see what it looks like

  • Chris
    • Maddy

      Don’t think so. and that would be horrible anyway.

  • obamafakeamerican

    HTC have always been crooks

    • Andre Pinto de Azevedo Mendes

      It’s HTC and Al-Qaeda

  • Sannah

    Seriously I don’t believe on such kind of leaked images as the real product is always different from the one shown is such kind of images. There are so many images already leaked about this HTC Hima or M9 whatever the name it is. Well, out of them the one feature which is almost confirmed is that new device will be powered by quick charge 2.0 technology.