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HTC is making a One (M9) Plus with a fingerprint sensor and Duo Camera


HTC looks to have new flagships coming in March. We’ve heard (and seen) plenty of things about the HTC One (M9), but a more mysterious model known as the One (M9) Plus also appears to be in the works. The One (M9) Plus is said to be a larger, premium version of the One (M9), similar to the HTC One max that came out a couple years ago. Now, further leaks revealed more about the device, including its advantages over the One (M9).

New photos and leaks show that the One (M9) Plus has a design that varies from the One (M9). The back contains a massive hole for the camera, which will reportedly be a 20-megapixel shooter. It also includes a smaller camera sensor on top, bringing back the Duo Camera idea from last year’s One (M8). The Duo Camera feature has reportedly been axed from the One (M9), so it makes sense to see it included on the One (M9) Plus.


Moving around to the front, we can see that the device is larger than the rumored One (M9). The display is reportedly 5.5-inches with a QHD resolution. We can also see a new silver ring around the front-facing camera and what is allegedly a fingerprint scanner below the screen. At the top, the traditional BoomSound speaker is clearly visible, but it’s hard to tell if the second speaker is still there on the bottom edge of the device. If it’s not, that could be a bit of a disappointment, as HTC’s BoomSound stereo speakers have been highly praised for breaking the norm and providing far better volume and quality than traditional phone speakers.

The rumor should be taken with a grain of salt, as the device looks a little odd. The fingerprint scanner below the display seems out of place and looks extremely Samsung-esque. That’s not to say that it can’t be real, but it simply doesn’t seem to fit into the rest of HTC’s design. Whatever the case, we’ll know more come March 1, when HTC is expected to take the wraps off of two new flagships at Mobile World Congress.

What would you like to see in a One (M9) Plus?

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  • tommydaniel

    Because it’s not obvious that this is just bad photoshop?

  • steve

    I think that the m9 should have a 5.5 inch screen, with thin bezels. Like the g3 in size. I don’t think it would be much bigger than the m8. Then the m9 plus should be in the 6 inch range. I will only upgrade my phone to a 6 inch screen area because I am not going down in size too much from my current 6,4 inch Sony z ultra

  • Jozymozy

    Gotta say, between this and the other recent M9 leak…something seems fishy. HTC does their homework when it comes to product design, so to have one device with a rectangular opening for the 20 megapixel camera and another with the circular opening…hmm.

    Again, it just seems that HTC has been meticulous about such things since the launch of the HTC One brand. Just my two cents.

  • Meister_Li

    The back camera looks exactly like the Camera on the Nexus 5 – I don’t think this is real.

  • Guardianali

    You can literally see the aliasing on the camera circle on the back and the fingerprint sensor is actually cock-eyed. Clearly photoshop.

  • MrNobody

    Being a Note 4 owner, for the sake of everyone who might get this phone, hopefully they use an on screen fingerprint scanner rather than the Samsung button here. It’s almost impossible to use with a case on the device.

  • jamal adam

    Lets be honest, that looks ugly and not something HTC would do.

  • Nightcrawler

    I can’t believe they let this guy write this article and let him put it up. Is this guy and everyone else who let him do it morons? The pics are photoshopped w a Samsung button on front and a nexus 5 camera on the back…clearly. Sad.

  • Misti Heide

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  • Tma

    I don’t Like SamsungTC

  • Micah owensby