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HTC RE camera gets YouTube live streaming, update coming Friday

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HTC announced the RE camera to mixed responses. The concept was interesting and the device seemed like a decent competitor to GoPro. Yet, not many people really wanted one enough to pull the trigger on it. Fortunately, HTC realizes the benefit of adding in new features via software updates and is planning to add a big new feature to the RE camera: YouTube live streaming.

An update arriving tomorrow will allow RE camera owners the ability to live stream their video to YouTube. The way it works is that you’ll use the RE app on your phone to sign into YouTube and activate live streaming. Then, it’s as easy as turning on live streaming and your RE camera will send the video to your smartphone, which will then upload the video live to YouTube.

The feature is a great one, and one that GoPro doesn’t offer. It can be used in all sorts of scenarios, allowing you to quickly stream important moments to just your friends or host a live broadcast for the entire world to see.

Show Press Release
LAS VEGAS, Jan. 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — CES – HTC, a global leader in mobile innovation and design, today announced live streaming from its new RE™ camera to YouTube. Now consumers can easily share the moment by connecting a RE camera to their YouTube channel and sending a live broadcast link to viewers around the world.

Available for Android™ devices beginning tomorrow, Jan. 9, through a free update to the RE app in the Google Play™ store, the new live streaming feature allows RE users to not only capture great video with ease, but also to share special moments and favorite events with those who can’t be there. Friends across the world or traveling family members won’t miss any live action. The free update will also be available for iOS later in Q1 2015.

The RE camera’s wide-angle capture and small form ensure that both you and your RE won’t miss anything. With storage via a microSD™ card in addition to backup to your smartphone and the cloud, RE is always ready to capture your precious memories.

The live streaming feature is a simple-to-use and handy add-on to get the most out of video capture, making it easy to broadcast a piano recital, snorkeling adventure, puppy cam and more. With the RE app, sign in to your YouTube channel and activate live streaming. Once verified, broadcasting from your RE is a snap. Any live footage you wish to share is transmitted directly from RE to your smartphone, which then sends your broadcast to your YouTube channel. Invite people to view the event by sending your broadcast link to tune in via SMS or social networks. Even if they can’t watch it live, the link will continue to be active, even after the broadcast ends.

Viewers do not need a YouTube channel to view broadcasts, and live streams can be broadcast in public mode, which makes videos available to anyone who has the link or discovers it on YouTube, or in private mode, which limits the broadcast to only those you share it with.


The updated software for the RE application will be available beginning tomorrow, Jan. 9, in the Google Play store and is coming to the Apple App Store™ later in Q1 2015.

RE is widely available at Amazon.com, AT&T, Best Buy, HTC.com, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless.

When used according to guidelines, the RE is rated for use in up to one meter of water for up to 30 minutes. For further information on availability, features, functionality and accessories, visit www.REcamera.com

Source: PR NewsWire

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    It really doesn’t look like much of a camera to me. The shape of it is goofy looking and to me looks like a camera for people to hold above their head in crowds at a concert or gathering and that’s about. I would rather have a GoPro for anything action sport-like or similar. I kind of agree with Poc when they said that its mostly for social media nuts. Beyond that it sounds pretty cheap and way too much. Now everything is focusing on 4K this and 4K that and super high frame rates and what not. HTC focuses on re-releasing what everyone else already had. (source: http://pocinc.net/blog/product-reviews/review-the-htc-re-camera )