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HTC won’t meet its 90-day update goal for Lollipop

HTC One (M8) (4)

HTC has announced that it will be unable to meet its 90-day update goal for Android 5.0 Lollipop. Last year, HTC began the HTC Advantage program for HTC One devices, which promised that major Android updates would be released within 90 days of the final source, among other perks. The test of this came when Android 5.0 Lollipop was announced, which marked one of the largest Android updates to date.

HTC managed to make the cut for the Google Play, Developer and unlocked versions of the One (M8), but the U.S. carrier versions are still lacking their taste of Lollipop. The One (M7), which is also a part of the program, has yet to see Lollipop on any variant except for the Google Play edition. HTC says that the delay has stemmed from issues with Lollipop, which HTC has been working to fix and incorporate into its build that also contains HTC Sense.

The company has said that carrier testing is underway and that Lollipop should be available very soon, making it close to the 90-day deadline, but not quite reaching it. Frustrating as it is, it would have been a much worse situation had HTC pushed out buggy, unstable software updates. It’s better to take a few extra days and iron out the problems than it is to get a half-baked update.

Show Press Release
An Update on Our Lollipop Rollout

Delivering major Android updates to our flagship phones has been a top priority for us because, just like you, we love having the latest and greatest software as soon as possible. By setting the 90-day goal to deliver these updates a few years ago, we have driven change within our own company as well as in the industry. Today you are seeing updates much sooner even from other OEMs. We also brought a new level of transparency to the process and the ability to track the status of the updates in real time when we launched the software updates page on HTC.com, which is also being replicated by other OEMs.

In the spirit of continued transparency, I wanted to share a quick update on where we’re at with our Android Lollipop rollout process. We’ve been working hard in the labs with Google and our carrier partners ever since the code release and are making great progress so far, but if you’ve been following the progress of this rollout you will know that Google has had to address several issues with this release. We’ve been diligently working to fix some of them on our end and incorporating Google’s fixes as quickly as possible, but despite everyone’s best efforts some carrier versions of the HTC One (M8) and HTC One (M7) will not meet our 90 day goal, which is February 1st. While we are committed to delivering within this time period, we are even more committed to ensuring these updates result in an even better experience with your device because that is what the updates are intended to do.

We are continuing to push hard to deliver Lollipop to all devices as near the 90-day mark as possible, but we are taking every precaution to ensure the rollout is right and we aren’t willing to compromise at your expense. As of today, we’ve rolled out to Google Play, Unlocked, and Developer Editions of the HTC One (M8). We’re still working through the testing process with our partners and hope to have good news to share soon. We promise to keep you updated in real-time as additional devices receive the update on our Software Updates page and @HTCUSA on Twitter.
Thanks for your patience and feel free to reach out on Twitter if you have any additional questions.

Source: HTC

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  • Tommy

    Went from guarantee to goal pretty quick

    • Tommy

      But in HTC’s defense, its a shame that lollipop has been out for 90 days and is still buggy

      • steve

        Just like any before it. They will release a 5.0, maybe a 5.1 anyway. Hopefully 5.3 it will be all good, so expect those bugs anyway

      • mkrmec

        I haven’t noticed any bugs and i have 2 Lollipop devices.

        • vzguy

          Google has imposed some major bug fixes and HTC is putting there skin on top along with the carrier’s bloat ware

        • D Griffin

          My Nexus 6 and LTE Shield Tablet would beg to differ. The “Miscellaneous” power bug being a massive PITA.

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for HTC

  • steve

    Glad I got the g3 over the m8. Have had my lollipop for 2 months so there’s obviously no reason HTC can do it also. HTC shouldn’t promise such things and not deliver. That’s really bad customer service

    • justafew

      Well, I have the G3 as well and I’ve got to at least give props to HTC for their transparency. I wish LG would communicate something, anything about a timeline on when I will get an update (especially on a local carrier). HTC even offers that info on timelines for each carrier. With LG (and on my Samsung tablet), I’m just knowing that someday I will get it, but who knows if that’s a week or 6 months.

  • SGB101


  • Subx

    Who cares about the U.S carriers! There are plenty of other carries world wide that are more important! not only that ALL carrier unlocked phones should be updated before carrier branded phonesw. In fact HTC have not failed to meet their 90 day release frame, lollipop is out already. It’s not HTC’s fault that the carriers can’t pull their fingers out and wa t all their bloatware installed.

    • Burnd

      THIS. Silly U.S. carriers with their bloats.

  • savan

    I am from india…i am also not get …lollipop on my ONE M8.I dont know about htc planing…..

  • Harold Goldner

    I got Lollipop as soon as it was released for the Nexus 7 FHD and I am singularly unimpressed. The first two versions 5.0.0 and 5.0.1 were unsatisfactory and only 5.0.2 has been relatively tolerable, although it still does goofy stuff like reload SystemUI every time you hit the home button from some applications.

    So I’m not in a hurry to get an infested ROM on my daily handset. I’d rather HTC make sure that they have a working product before they push it out to everyone.

    I know they test assiduously (because I’m a tester) and I’ve seen what they can do. When we get Lollipop on the M8, it’s going to work right.

    (Meanwhile, I already *have* it on my M8 thanks to some of the great developers out there who port ROMs).

  • nour

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  • Alaric

    It will create a huge disappointment among the customers of HTC. This is why I always prefer to buy Nexus series Smartphone that always get updates related to latest version of Android before other devices. I have Nexus 6 from last 2 months and could say the best Smartphone I have ever had till date. I am impressed with its faster charging feature powered by quick charge 2.0 technology.

  • Suse

    My M8 got its update to lollipop last week, I’ve not encountered any bugs or issues. I’m on ee in the UK

  • Tma

    I have received update on 2 Feb Asian model M8. So u better ask how to check updates…

    There is only one problem, FB messenger hangs on every message I send.