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Hugo Barra talks Xiaomi in the West, copying allegations


Xiaomi impressed many when it announced two new flagships yesterday, the Mi Note and Mi Note Pro. The Chinese company has been rapidly expanding and developing, even overtaking Samsung in China. One event that put Xiaomi on many people’s radars is when Hugo Barra, former VP of Android, left Google to join Xiaomi as the company’s VP of global operations. Now Barra is back in the spotlight, speaking in an interview with BBC about Xiaomi’s expansion and addressing allegations of copying.

Barra spoke about the company’s expansion, particularly saying that it will be a few years before Xiaomi products enter Europe and the U.S. This is due to the market saturation and high demands that the countries contain. But Xiaomi certainly isn’t ignoring the countries. Barra said that Xiaomi is “a Chinese company with insane global ambitions.” He spoke about the long hours that workers voluntarily put in because they care so much about the company and the importance of growing it.

Barra also touched on allegations of copying, which has arisen many times in the past. Xiaomi has been accused several times of copying competitors, particularly Apple. While Barra didn’t detail that, he spoke about Xiaomi being copied more than any other Chinese company, particularly in its business model.

The full video gives an interesting look at Xiaomi, and you can watch it for yourself by following the source link.

Source: BBC

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