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Kodak IM5 with 13MP camera and octa-core processor officially announced

image Kodak IM5

At the end of December, Kodak and the Bullitt Group officially announced plans to release a series of smartphones and tablets running Android into the market beginning in 2015.

The first device of that lineup is now official, by way of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kodak officially announced the IM5, an Android-powered smartphone with a big focus on photography (who would have guessed, right?). The main feature of the upcoming device is the 13-megapixel camera on the back, coupled with software specifically built to enhance the interaction with those photos after the fact. Indeed, Kodak says the IM5 features “unique image management software,” which seems to include editing software, more robust options for sharing the images via social media, and even an app specifically built to help print those images via compatible printers.

As teased by Kodak and the Bullitt Group in December, the IM5 is actually meant to be easier to use for most users, too. To that effect, the IM5 features a proprietary app store of sorts called “Apps,” which will automatically curate a selection of applications built on the tastes of the individual using the device. The IM5 will actually also support Google Play services, too, so the full Google Play store will be available as well.

As far as the rest of the device goes, the IM5 features a 5-inch 1920×1080 display, an octa-core processor under the hood clocked at 1.7GHz, a 5-megapixel camera on the front, and 16GB of built-in storage with a microSD card slot for expandable memory. It will also boast 1GB of RAM and run Android 4.4 KitKat out of the box. However, Kodak says an update to Android 5.0 Lollipop is coming down the line at some point.

The launch of the Kodak IM5 will begin in Europe at the end of the first quarter 2015. After that, with no specific dates mentioned, a global rollout is planned.

What do you think of the Kodak IM5?

Source: Kodak (PRNewswire]

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  • steve

    Well it kinda weak. It must be priced under $300 easily for the low end specs like this. The camera is the only thing up to date
    well we hope the 13mp camera is up to date

  • Eli Gaffke

    They had me until I saw the 1gb of RAM. Perfect screen size and resolution. All you need on a phone and helps on battery life. Needs more internal memory, I don’t care how big the SD card is, you still need space on the phone. Not all apps will write to SD. 1.7 Octa will be relevant for awhile. And who really needs more than 13 megapixels, just put better lenses in.

  • hp420

    Any press release that says a device will have an “octa-core cpu” makes me think it’s got a mediatek cpu, otherwise they’d be proud to say it’s a qualcomm. NO ONE actually WANTS a mediatek cpu in their device…they either settle for it or don’t know any better.