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Latest HTC One (M9) image leak shows new flagship design


Just one day after new details on the HTC One (M9) design leaked out, an image that may show off the device itself has surfaced.

Well-known leaker @evleaks has posted a timeline of his HTC flagship leaks that ends with a pair of unknown devices that may be the One (M9) and One (M9) Plus. The smaller of the two looks to be the One (M9), sporting redesigned BoomSound speakers that are just slits at the top and bottom of the phone’s face as well as a centered front-facing camera.


The bigger device is reminiscent of that HTC One (M9) Plus that surfaced earlier this month, but with the same new design as the smaller One (M9). At the bottom of the One (M9) Plus’s face is an oblong shape that’s rumored to be a fingerprint reader, not a home button.

We’re digging this newly-leaked One (M9) design, which looks a lot cleaner than HTC’s previous flagships thanks to its new-look BoomSound speakers. The new speakers also mean that the HTC logo on the One (M9)’s face is a bit less bothersome than it was before because it doesn’t seem to add unnecessary height to the device’s front.

Are you a fan of this alleged HTC One (M9) design?

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  • ChrisAre

    I just can’t get on board with the unibody design of any phone. I feel like not being able to remove the battery goes against the biggest appeal of Android: customization. My last two phones have had some kind of battery upgrade, and they made my life far easier. Until battery technology gets to the point where a heavy user can go 12 hours without a recharge I’m going to stick with a phone with a removable battery.

    • surethom

      Do the majority ever buy a spare battery to remove during the day? in the 15 years I have had a mobile phone I have never bought a spare battery.

      We have 30 business users & not one carries a spare battery, they just have a car charger or a usb lead to plug into a pc usb port to charge in an emergency.

      • ChrisAre

        What the “majority” of people do seems an irrelevant point- tho for the record I know dozens of Android users who either swap out batteries or use extra large after market batteries. I was making a statement about what I prefer. Do you disagree with what I said about the customization of Android?

        • Jose

          Yes. You can’t “customize” a Battery.
          you’re argument is mute

    • Bobo

      I have got my One M7 for almost a year now and even though I gave a **** about charging circles (?) my battery didnt get worse

      • SGB101

        I was worried about th uni body of the one m8 but the matter has held up well, as well as the phone so I doubt I’ll be getting the 9. But love the lack of black bar, but isn’t enough to upgrade after less than one years.

        Phones have plenty of power now, and with a 1080p screen I really can’t justify chasing specs anymore.

        Diminishing returns, and all that jazz.

        I owed a moto g (gen 1) for a while and was very satisfied (except camra), so I doubt I’ll even go top tier next time out.

    • Subx

      It’s not needed. My M8 can go 2 to 3 days with heavy use on one charge. My M7 is about 1 to 1.5days with medium to heavy use. The removable battery is a thing of the past. Get over it!

      • SGB101

        It can’t get 2 to 3 days on heavy use, light maybe buy not heavy.

        I own one and it gets anything between 4 to 6 hours of screen time. That’s one day of heavy use at a push.

        I suppose it all comes down to how you quantify heavy. I’d say sub 2 hours a day is light use though.

        Btw I’m happy with the m8′s battery performance, I just don’t want to give out a false impression. I’d rather a person was undersold a product and happily supprised, than over sold and disappointed.

      • ChrisAre

        Ha! I was just talking with a buddy of mine who owns the m8 and he was complaining about the battery life. Apparently actual mileage varies…

      • rkerns

        I call bullshit! I had m8 for 8 mos. Never got a full day . Not once! Period. I am a heavy user. You clearly are NOT. NEVER. EVERYONE LIES IN FAVOR OF WHAT IS THEIR DEVICE OF CHOICE. ive never had a device in 10 yrs live to claims. So i have s5 and 3 spare batteries. Overkill….yes. but in business you cannot be without connectivity!

        • SGB101

          Note 2, was the only device to have better battery the expected. But even that beast after 23 months, needed a new battery to last a day.

          I hate it when people lie about there own devices, as it just sets the bar moto high for the next sail.

          Be truthful people, and remember it’s a friggin super computer in your pocket, just be happy with that.

  • surethom

    Where is the ear piece? the big front facing camera, should be more to the side & a nice large ear piece needs to be in the middle?

    • richard

      It has the front facing speakers. It’s reminiscent of the desire eye.

    • Subx

      No in the Center it perfect! I have always said it need a to be in the Center to keep it symmetrical and this looks beautiful.

  • CaptainDoug

    That picture gets my hopes up. The 5 inch version with removed black HTC bar looks real sleek. I guess we’ll see if it will really look like this soon. Either this or the Saygus V² is my next phone. It’s weird having options. I haven’t liked any phones since the Nexus 5 came out.

  • Juan

    Just reminds me of an iPhone to be honest

  • ian Fergusson

    I had the m7 and then the m8 and loved them both. I recently swapped to a Xperia z3 and what a mistake that was. It is slow as he’ll in comparison. Constantly getting stuck when doing things.ps4 control never worked. Speakers were rubbish. In fact the only thing I preferred was the camera.yesterday I had enough and sold the Sony and bought another m8. It is like someone has taken a weight off my shoulders. It really is so much better. If the have a good camera in m9 I will certainly be buying. Looks gorgeous if that is really it.

    • Filip

      My thoughts exactly. Had M7 for about 1,5 year. wanted a change and bought Z3C. Recently I bought 4K TV and thought that it would be nice to have higher res camera. But I was disapointed with Z3C. Camera too. I really preffer 4 mpx in htc one with OIS! Maybe it is software. Maybe Z3 has better software for camera. I dont know. I used Z3C for a weak only…bought M7 back, because I dont like useless black bar in M8. Such a relief :P