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LG prepares to announce the G Flex 2 at CES


LG is a company that’s not afraid to try new things. Last year, one of its more interesting concepts was the LG G Flex, one of the first phones with a flexible display and the capacity to bend. The company is now readying a successor to the G Flex that will be released at CES 2015. LG has put up huge posters for the G Flex 2┬áin the main hallway of the convention center where CES will be taking place.

The posters (picture below) reveal the look of the device but not much else is known. A curved, flexible display is obvious and Qualcomm internals are highly probable. We’d also venture to guess that it will have the same self-healing back as last year’s model. While the original G Flex didn’t exactly set landmark sales, it sparked intrigue and certainly had people talking. Perhaps this year will bring good fortune upon sales of the LG G Flex.

What would you like to see in the G Flex successor?

LG G Flex 2

Via: The Verge

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  • ChrisAre

    My next phone will be as Vanilla Android as I can find. I’d like to see 0 boatware.

  • Robairto

    -10 hrs screen on time per charge
    -5mp front 20mp rear cameras
    -Apple like image processing
    -high quality front facing speakers
    -built in systemic theme engine
    -little to no bloat

  • Ufotofu9

    I have the LG G, a great phone. but with the 2k screen, it isn’t all it could have been in terms of battery life. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Similar phone with similar specs, & a 1080 screen so that the battery lasts longer.

  • bryanizmir

    Currently using the original flex as my dd… Two things that desperately need to be updated are the cameras and display. Keep display size the same and a bump in hardware and we have the perfect phone :) Alas i would never buy another LG phone because they are locked down so tight and actively patched to disuade bootloader unlocking/rooting, killing all hope for development.

  • nour

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