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Microsoft Office and Outlook Preview now available for Android


Today heralds good news for Android users who use Microsoft’s software services. Microsoft is officially launching its suite of Office apps for Android tablets. This includes Word for Android tablets, Excel for Android tablets and PowerPoint for Android tablets. All three apps are now available for free in the Google Play Store and have officially exited their preview testing phase. Standard features are free and Office 365 members will have access to a whole host of premium features.

The second big announcement is that Microsoft is launching a preview version of Outlook for Android. The app is currently in a beta phase, meaning that it will receive rapid updates to squash bugs and tweak features. The app has customizable swipe and gesture functions, allowing each person to make it easiest for them. Outlook for Android supports major email accounts from all sorts of different providers, including Yahoo! and Gmail.

Both apps are significant launches. Schools and businesses around the world use Microsoft’s services and a strong mobile platform is paramount to ensuring a quality experience. Microsoft’s apps have garnered high praise for their powerful features and strong support. Microsoft realizes that if it can’t get enough users to use its mobile OS, it should work to provide the best experience possible for those using other operating systems. And, like many, we’re not complaining.

Source: Microsoft

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  • Gekko


  • Bob

    That would be called Microsoft Office Mobile.

  • Bart

    This is actually very good news, but I did find on the phone version that Google Sheets is able to handle SUMPRODUCT functions whereas Microsoft’s own app cannot. I get error message that the formula is invalid. Still, I am happy that they finally made this available for tablets. I was miffed when I installed Office on my Android phone but discovered it wouldn’t load on my Android tablet.

    • Bart

      Need to revise. Turns out this doesn’t work with any tablet over 10.1″ Mine is Note Pro 12.2. Then I read in the reviews on Google Play that unless you have 365 account, you cannot even edit. Guess I’ll continue using Google’s Sheets.