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More HTC One (M9) design details surface online


Following this morning’s HTC One (M9) leak, more design details on HTC’s latest flagship have surfaced online thanks to a trusted source of blog HTC Source. It looks like the blurry-cam photos from NowhereElse are real, single camera and all.

According to HTC Source’s source, the HTC One (M9) is slightly thicker than the One (M8), will only have one camera as a result of HTC doing away with the DuoCamera depth sensor, has two independent volume buttons instead on of single volume rocker and has a new power button that will be moved to the edge of the device as opposed to the top like on the One (M8).

While it may be a bit of a let down to see HTC taking such a similar industrial design direction with the M9, M8 and M7, last year’s biggest complaints about the M8 were hardly directed at how the device looked and felt in your hand. It looks like HTC is keeping some of the best parts of previous One series devices and focusing instead on where previous devices fell short. March 1 can’t come soon enough.

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  • MrTR

    Looks great, though I prefer the round camera in the back of my M8. But I just read info of the type of camera headed to the M9 sounds outstanding. My “problem” with my M8 is that black bar with the HTC logo. I just prefer more screen real estate to take advantage of. Design, Sense 6, BoomSound speakers, etc, are all winners in my opinion. M8 has been a great experience, why change it? Definitely looking forward to Sense 7 and the official unveiling in March.

    • justafew

      My first complaint about the M8 was the chin and the bezel and how it made the device so tall. It’s taller than my LG G3, which has nearly a 1/2″ larger screen. The camera was my other complaint, which it appears they are correcting (I hope for the better). If they shrink the bezel and the chin, I will gladly hop back over to HTC. If not, I think I will stick with my G3 and wait for the G4.

      • Chris

        But I thought the reason for it being taller was because of the better (front facing) speakers? Are you saying you’d rather HTC have awful rear speakers like Samsung?

        • SGB101

          Keep the speakers get rid of the black htc bar and make it less slippery.

          I also like that it is thicker, I don’t like thin phone that much i ended up putting my m8 in a case (first time ever) as it felt to thin at the edges when texting with two hands, the phone sort of rocks in my hands as i cant get good purchase on it. The iPhone 6 is worse so I won’t be buying a slimmer phone however good it is.

          Plus a couple of mm’s thinker could add up to about a third bigger battery :o)

  • Chris

    The biggest design flaw with the m8 was that it was way too slippery.

  • Petrova

    I like boom sound front speakers of my HTC M8 and want some advanced level changes in the new HTC Hima or M9 whatever the name it will have. Well, another rumors that are not mentioned here is that the new HTC Hima will also powered by Qualcomm quick charge 2.0 technology that means could be charged at faster rate by quick charge 2.0 charger.