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More purported HTC One (M9) photos leak, give us a close-up look at the phone


Just can’t get enough of the HTC One (M9)? We can’t say we blame you. Thankfully, the rumor mill is happy to oblige us with more leaks.

New images that claim to show the HTC One (M9) in the wild have been shared by Phandroid. The pics, which apparently come from a “trusted, reliable source,” show an HTC-branded device that looks like an HTC One (M8). Upon closer inspection, though, we can see that the volume rocker has been split into two buttons, and there also appears to be a power/lock key beneath it.


The source of these photos also claims to have confirmed that the One (M9) is powered by 3GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 810 processor. However, there’s no word on any of the device’s other rumored specs, like its 5-inch 1920×1080 display or 20.7-megapixel rear camera.

It’s worth noting that nothing is official until HTC says it is. Considering all of the information that we’ve obtained thus far, though, it’s looking more and more likely that the device in these images will be HTC’s next Android flagship.

What do you think of the design of this HTC One (M9)? If the rumors about it hold true, will it be your next daily driver?

Source: Phandroid

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    didnt know htcrap was still alive +24

    • Subx

      Why wouldn’t it be? HTC Still win Android phone of the year 3 years in a row and that will be the same again this year! Other OEMS just cannot compete! Sales yes, but design and build, no way!

      • revs

        lol trueeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • jerrbomb

      Your a complete idiot

  • Subx

    Why wouldn’t it be? HTC Stoll win Android phone of the year 3 years in a Row and that will be the same again this year! Other OEMS just cannot compete! Sales yes, but design and build, no way!

  • Robairto Henders

    Looks better than the m8.I hope the black bar is housing disappearing capacitive buttons though our the design language becomes stupid. I have a Galaxy Note 3 so I’m really looking forward to an m9+ that will hopefully have an SD card, 4gb,removable battery, and a comparably sized screen to what I use now.

    • MrNobody

      HTC with an SD card and removable battery? If you want that, upgrade your Note 3 to a Note 4.

    • Dirty Budha

      Those are the same reasons I can’t switch from the Note series to the HTC M series. I need the expandable memory. The battery I’m more for the removable but the memory is the deal breaker.

      Otherwise, they’re beautiful phones.

  • Misti Heide

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  • Jagpreet

    Hi, (PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO KNOW ABOUT HUGE PLUS POINT OF HTC OVER OTHER PHONES). I work as a phone sales rep. As part of my role we get to swap phones very now and then.. Hence have tried different phones over the years to learn more about different platforms and so that we can sell phones easily. Did use Samsung for a while- But S-Lag was bit too much for me to handle as I like snappier experience. Rumors are S6 software will be as light as Nexus devices (Closer/Lighter to Google experience).

    Switched to HTC, And honestly speaking what a fresh breeze of air was it. So quick, snappy, plain and simple experience.

    Not going to talk about great build quality, great design, sound quality etc. I honestly dont have any issue with apparently “ANNOYING BLACK BAR”. HTC knew that people wanted it gone and IF it was possible they would have taken it away. They are engineers not GENIE. Problem is I think we demand and expect too much. Techno companies/manufacturers are always listening and will try there best keeping in mind feasibility of demands. Everything takes time to perfect. What we will get cannot be changed but what can be done is- shop around and play with the device and go with the one which suits your needs, eyes. Please dont whinge, cry about things.


    How many Android Manufacturers Back up and Restore works like magic- NONE- BUT HTC only. HTC is the only Android Manufacturer whose Backup and Restore works exactly like Apple iClould Back up and Restore. If you go into Settings and set up HTC Account Backup and Restore, every single day phone when connected to WiFi will make a snapshot of the whole phone and will back up
    Folder set up, name and position of Folders you made in home and app screen too, Call Logs, Messages, Phone book, Apps, Even in apps settings, Alarms, Wallpaper, Position of apps on home and app screen,. WHICH OTHER company does that- Samsung, LG- No. Infact, I think this should be standard feature of Android itself and here we are crying about black bar. Not many people know about this as HTC for some stupid reason doesnt advertise or advice it..! Do you know how much of relief it is knowing my phone is being backed up every day and if i upgrade, reset or loose my phone, I wont have to spend hours setting it back again to my likings. Not to mention the smooth, fluid experience we get from HTC devices unlike others.

    PEACE… :-)

  • Tma

    does the power button on the side, mean that it won’t have IR port anymore? if so than I prefer my m8, Cause:

    M9 vs M8
    1. Same Design | 0:0
    2. 3gb RAM vs 2gb RAM – never had RAM problem on M8, | again 0:0
    3. Battery Capacity – 1:0 for M9
    4. CPU – again no problems with M8 CPU… and M9 adds, I think, more battery drain nothing more… 1:0.5
    5. Camera – I think here m9 is winner, but m8 has good camera also with nice features, which won’t be available with single camera, I prefer to do things that others can’t do… that’s why I give 1 point to M8 here. 1:1.5
    6. Water resistance 2:1.5
    7. Additional Hardware (IR Port) 2:2.5 and M8 wins for me if M9 won’t have one, if it has than 2:1.5 for M9

    So I am proud that my m8 won’t be outdated phone this year :)
    I think M9 is the same as M8 but with latest hardware, there is the same difference as i7 QM 3rd Generation vs i7 QM 4th Generation, 4th can produce more power but we don’t need it yet, it is good to produce 4th gen cause its helping further development nothing more…

    That’s only my opinion, thank you HTC I love my m8 so I love your m9 :)