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Motorola’s Moto E (2nd Gen.) possibly shown in newly-leaked image


Wondering if Motorola is going to release a new version of its ultra-cheap Android smartphone, the Moto E? It looks like it might.

A new image has been shared by Android Police that may show a Moto E (2nd Gen.) The device’s design is reminiscent of the original Moto E, it’s got a centered and flash-less rear camera just like the Moto E, and it’s running Android 5.0 just like we’d expect a newly-announced Moto E to have. That said, there’s no concrete evidence available quite yet that supports the Moto E (2nd Gen.) theory.


The $129 Moto E has been a big deal for Motorola, offering a quality smartphone for at a price that you’d typically just get junk. It wouldn’t surprise us to see Motorola follow that with a new Moto E, giving consumers an super-cheap way to get a taste of Lollipop. Now we just have to wait to see if a Motorola announcement comes along. Maybe at MWC next month?

Source: Android Police

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