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Nest CEO put in charge of Google Glass, Explorer Edition discontinued

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Big changes are happening around the Google Glass program. Tony Fadell, CEO of Nest and former Apple executive, is being placed at the head of the Google Glass project. This comes as part of an announcement that Google Glass is exiting the Google X labs and becoming a stand-alone unit with Ivy Ross in charge. Though she’s technically leading the department, Ross and her team still report up to Fadell, who is overseeing the entire Google Glass department.

Google is also discontinuing consumer sales of the current Explorer Edition of Google Glass, beginning January 19. Google Glass will still be sold to approved developers and companies for both use and further development of the Glass ecosystem. This points again to the new version of Google Glass that will be arriving in 2015, though we have yet to know when it will arrive and what the changes will entail.

Where do you think Google Glass is headed?

Source: WSJ

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