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Netflix and Samsung partner up to offer limited time deal for buyers of Galaxy S5, Note 4 or Tab S

image Samsung:Netflix deal

Sometimes buying a new device can mean gaining a few extra perks along the way, like limited time access to a subscription service.

For Netflix subscribers that are planning on picking up a Galaxy S5, a Galaxy Note 4 or Galaxy Tab S from Samsung, a newly leaked image suggests that a pretty big bonus will be included. As revealed by Android Central based on an anonymous leak, Samsung and Netflix will begin a promotion on Sunday, January 4, that will see a year’s worth of Netflix offered with no extra charge.

As noted on the image above, that’s a $100 value. The promotion also includes access to Milk Music — Samsung’s own music streaming service — for those who are open to new modes of listening to their favorite tunes.

The promotion will only last until January 17, though, and according to the original report it will only be available to the first 115,000 people that go through the steps to access the promotion and reap the rewards. For those who do buy one of the aforementioned devices, just head to SamsungPromotions.com to register the device. Once that’s done, and if the site accepts the information, then the credits necessary for 12 months of Netflix will be forked over. The best news is that this can be used for both new and existing Netflix subscribers.

What do you think of the promotion?

Source: Android Central

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  • chuck

    This is so not right I bought my note 4 in November and there was no incentive


    Samsung is known for offering promotions and not following through with it. Just 3-days ago, I wrote them inquiring about the $200 I was supposed to receive for pre ordering the note4. The same thing happened with the note 3, promotions offered and never got it. And when you call to ask about it the workers at Samsung has know idea about the promotions. Sad!!!

  • BlazeHN

    What about already bought but not yet registered Sammy devices?

  • Elena

    I was waiting for such kind of deal from last 1 month and resist myself to buy this masterpiece from Samsung. Now the deal is here and I will definitely grab it before the device get out of stock. I like 5.7 inch AMOLED screen, higher resolution and faster charging of Galaxy Note 4 with adaptive fast charger.

  • Marcia

    I rather wait for netflix + iPhone 6 deal

  • nour

    Discover the latest ANDROID apps and games. FREE and enjoy instantly on your Android phone.


  • TatDude806

    As of 10:00 am Central time this is not working. All it says is no promotions available. Not a good start!

    • TatDude806

      Just saw the VERY fine print opens at 12:00 PM EST UGH!

  • Miguel Lopez

    I hope Netflix is doing the right thing — with all this blocking all VPN users overseas. Users pay the company and pay for their VPNs from places like https://ironsocket.com and others. They pay double monthly just stream movies on Netflix. I feel bad about it. I don’t like it. I hope they are doing the right thing. Especially it’s the beginning of the 2015.

  • Gerard R.Setti Jr.

    Damn I bought a 58.5 smart Tv, two weeks ago and can’t get a credit,SMDH!!!

  • Joan Smith

    It is really funny how Samsung comes out with an offer After the Xmas season. How many people are buying tvs now? I think it really stinks that the people who bought the tv in December get nothing. If it wasn’t such a problem I would return the tv because there are companies out there with better offers. Samsung just got to big for their own good or anybody else’s. I think people should boycott Samsung and not use Netflix either. Sorry owner of a Samsung tv.