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Poll: What was your favorite thing to come out of CES 2015?

CES 2015

The announcements have slowed, the hands-on posts are up and bloggers and enthusiasts are finally stopping to take a rest from the craze that is CES. But now that CES 2015 is winding to a close, it’s time to see what were the best and worst announcements of the year’s largest tech conference. And to figure that out, we want to hear what you think: What was your favorite thing to come out of CES 2015.

Withe range we saw this year, it could have been a lot of different things. Perhaps the Saygus V2 and its top-notch specs list piqued your interest. Or were you more a fan of the LG G Flex 2 and its curved display? Of course, there’s something to be said for interesting devices like the ZTE Spro 2 smart projector, so perhaps that was more up your alley. Whatever the case may be, we want to know.

Since there were so many choices, we shortened the list down to some of the biggest announcements. Be sure to leave a comment letting us know why you chose the thing that you did!

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  • renyo

    USB 3.1… There I said it…

  • Michael Gonzalez

    The self-adjusting belt is pure ‘cruft’. The one useful thing it does is make the guy at the “internet of things” talk whose example of that tech revolutionizing the future was when you turn on a light switch, your toaster automatically starts. Huh?!? http://musclexleratorfatcs.com/lifeforce-t-boost/

    I’m sure the people who made the self-adjusting belt at least did it mainly for fun or to have it in some quirky sci-fi movie. Because basically all it does is expensively replace spandex.

  • Bart

    I was not impressed by any of the watch technology, which is my main interest this year. I was actually waiting for CES to see if anything came up before buying the Zenwatch. I still need to save a bit, but at least I know now that I’ll be getting a smart looking smartwatch. (I read about the Zenwatch coming out toward end of year, but I think I’ll pass on that one.)

    I was also extremely disappointed that Samsung didn’t even tease us about the purportedly upcoming flexible phones.

  • Dakota R Rickel

    The Pioneer AVIC-8100NEX I can not wait to get my hands on one!

  • Pranay
  • Joseph


    my fav at ces! <3

  • Flo

    Looking forward for a metal housing for my Sony Smartwatch 3