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Project Ara customization can be handled through the Ara Configurator app

image Project Ara phone maker app

Project Ara is still very much just a project, but because the Google ATAP crew put it under the spotlight earlier today, many key details have surfaced on just how the modular smartphone will find its way to the real world later this year.

Following the reveal of the Spiral 2 and Spiral 3 prototypes along with the future release of Ara in Puerto Rico, the team behind Project Ara have now revealed just how customization of a particular modular smartphone will be handled. It’s called the Ara Configurator, and it’s an app that was displayed as a functioning build on a standard Android-based handset. As outlined by The Verge, the app appears to be a more touch-friendly Moto Maker, letting the user customize just about every aspect of the device from the inside out.

The pinch-to-zoom Material Design-like aesthetics allows the customizer to actually start at the outside of the device, then pinch in to see what modules are placed under the hood. From there, the user can place which modules where they want them, offering an extensive bit of customization from within the app. Once it’s all said and done, the app will show the collected specifications of the built-to-order device, the estimated battery life, and the overall cost of the handset.

The app will actually offer pre-built customization options, too, for the individuals who don’t want to customize every single bit of their new smartphone.

The Ara Configurator looks like a nice way to offer customization options for users, especially if it’s as easy to use as it is now, in its early stages. While the app looks nice, it’s still unknown just when we’re going to have the ability to actually create a new device — outside of Puerto Rico — but at least just how we’ll be able to do it looks nice enough.

Source: The Verge

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