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Project Tango moves from Google ATAP to Google proper

project tango tablet

Google’s Project Tango, which seeks to create devices with 3D mapping capabilities, is leaving Google ATAP and heading to its own department within Google itself. Google ATAP is Google’s fast-paced, temporary project development lab, and ATAP stands for Advanced Technology and Projects. The highly-skilled group makes up the brains behind breakthrough projects such as Project Ara and Project Tango.

Project Tango is Google’s work to create a device that can map the world around it in 3D, creating virtual representations of the 3D objects all around. A prototype tablet will soon be available to developers, who are working to utilize the technology. It was unknown what would happen to the project when its time limit ran out, but it seems that Google has decided to continue pursuing Project Tango, and has shifted the project from ATAP to Google proper.

No other new information is available at the time being, but Google says that it will keep fans updated on the progress of Project Tango.

Source: Google ATAP (Google+)

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