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Razer announces Nabu X, a smart band on a budget

Razer Nabu X

Smart watches and other wearables are finally gaining traction, especially after the release of Android Wear. But even before Android Wear and other smart watches, we had various fitness bands that were genuinely good options for those who needed something more basic. Razer decided to join the game with a unique take on the smart band, adding social features and a development platform with some big goals in mind.

A smart band for $100 is a great deal, considering most smart watches are over $200, but it’s not quite accessible. For those with a budget in mind, Razer has now unveiled the Nabu X. It gets rid of the display for a set of three different color LEDs, which are fully customizable. Each color can signify a specific type of notification, so despite not seeing the contents, you’ll know what you’re getting.

The price tag of this smart band will be $49.99 at release, but the band retains its bigger brother’s 5-7 day battery life, water resistance, and even proximity communication with other Nabus. And of course you get all the fitness features, including sleep tracking. And if you’re a hardcore Razer Fan, the company will be selling these to select people for only $19.99. Check out the source link for more info and let us know what you think!

Source: Razer Zone

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