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Samsung Galaxy Note 4, LG G3 added to Sprint’s Lease program

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While Sprint’s Lease program may have started with the iPhone, it has quickly become a safe home for Android-based handsets as of lately. That trend continues with the addition of two new devices, one from LG and the other from Samsung.

Sprint today¬†announced a pair of additions to its Lease program: the LG G3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. What that means for potential buyers and Sprint subscribers is $0 down for either device, and then $15 per month for 24 months for the G3 or $25 per month for 24 months for the Note 4. For anyone in the market for a new handset that doesn’t want to drop a lot of cash upfront, the monthly payment plan from Sprint is certainly another option.

Once the 24 month period has expired, there are a few options to choose from, as usual. The subscriber can opt to turn in the device that’s in “good working condition” and end the lease and their service. Or, the subscriber can turn in the device and start leasing another handset immediately afterwards. Or if the subscriber really likes their phone they can either keep leasing it on a month-to-month basis or just purchase the phone outright.

To compare that to Sprint’s Easy Pay, which is another monthly payment option, the LG G3 goes for $0 down with 23 monthly payments of $20, with a final monthly payment of $19.99 at the end of the 24 months. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 goes for $0 down, with 24 monthly payments of $30 afterwards. The pricing is similar enough that ultimately it will come down to personal preference of which plan a subscriber goes with.

Do you plan on taking advantage of the new Lease additions?

Source: Sprint

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