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Samsung Galaxy S6 could come in a variant with a pair of curved edges


At CES 2015, LG showed off a device with a pair of curved edges on either side. Not to be outdone, reports that Samsung is working on a special edition Galaxy S6 with the same design cue have surfaced.

Samsung’s battle with LG regarding curved displays on smartphones will rage on, according to a new report from SamMobile that corroborates earlier rumors suggesting that Samsung is indeed planning on variants of the upcoming Galaxy S6 that feature curved edges, similar to the curved display on the Galaxy Note Edge that launched in 2014.

According to the report, Samsung is planning to launch a variant of the Galaxy S6 that will feature not just one edge, but two, and that it will work in much the same way that the edged display works on the Galaxy Note Edge. Specifically, it will use the same panels, meaning owners will get access to news, Yahoo! Finance, a pedometer and more.

The “Galaxy S6 Edge” will allow the user to pick which edge of the display they want to use as their main edge, depending on if they are left- or right-handed. Moreover, the unannounced device will reportedly also feature the ability to light up an edge if an incoming call or text message arrives, while the phone is on its face thanks to a feature called “Glance Lighting.”

As for a release date, or even a window, nothing is known at this point. Are you interested in a device with a pair of curved edges?

Source: SamMobile

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    Samsung Galaxy series is unstoppable! They have been upgrading and upgrading to continue delight the users which is why they are a favorite model.

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