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Samsung Galaxy S6 will skip the Snapdragon 810 due to overheating issues

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The most recent rumors surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S6 peg the device as being powered by an Exynos 7420 processor, not a Snapdragon 810 like similar high-end devices slated for unveiling or release around the same time as Samsung’s latest flagship. According to a report out of Bloomberg today, that’s because Samsung can’t tackle overheating issues it faced with the Snapdragon 810 during testing phases with the chip.

Samsung has long been using its own Exynos chips in various devices released all over the world, but regional specific variants featuring Qualcomm processors were always close behind. It looks like with the Galaxy S6, even regional variants will still be powered by Exynos. While this is bad news for Qualcomm, it’s good news for both Samsung and Samsung fans alike.

By using their own chips, Samsung will have tighter control over not only distribution and production, but software integration as well. Samsung is rumored to be redesigning the software powering the Galaxy S6 from the ground up. That paired with today’s reports that Samsung will be using all of its own hardware in the device means good news for consumers who value performance. We could see the Galaxy S6 unveiled as soon as just over a month from now, but rest assured there will be plenty more rumor reports before then.

Source: Bloomberg

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