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Samsung is rumored to be ‘removing bloat’ from TouchWiz for upcoming devices

electric blue samsung galaxy s5

The Galaxy S6 from Samsung may still be just a rumor at this point, but that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from churning out plenty of details regarding the mythical handset. Most recently it was reported that the company that built TouchWiz, and ultimately weighed it down with a ton of software, is looking to trim things down and possibly make the Galaxy S6 a bit more like a Nexus device.

Now, following along with that, a report from SamMobile indicates that Samsung is going to go a bit above and beyond that initial report, and actually start “removing bloat” from TouchWiz altogether. It’s no secret that Samsung includes a lot of extra stuff with their devices — some of it has been baked into TouchWiz over the years — but it looks like that train of thought has reached its conclusion, and Samsung is changing gears.

The report states that moving forward, and more than likely beginning with the Galaxy S6, Samsung will remove many of the apps that some might consider bloat, like Story Album, S Voice and others, and make them downloadable instead. On the other side of the coin, though, things like Smart Stay and other features that help TouchWiz (and Samsung) stand out amongst the other Android manufacturers will still be present.

Not surprising, the report notes that S Health will probably not be a downloadable option, but be present right out of the gate.

The removal of a lot of these apps and services could be a huge move for Samsung as they reportedly aim to tone down TouchWiz and look to streamline the whole experience. Are you getting excited for the Galaxy S6?

Source: SamMobile

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  • steve

    I may get one for the wife is all this is true but they should make all apps have the download option. Or make it so the user can delete without having to root.

  • Mil

    Definitely a good move for Samsung as the hardware is very capable but the software bloat slows it down to just “meh” performance.

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