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Samsung reportedly toning down TouchWiz to Nexus 6 levels for Galaxy S6

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Samsung’s TouchWiz software is known all around the world as being bloated. Many people also hate on the looks, though I say that Samsung pioneered Material design before we even had Holo (I know that will get some people mad). But it’s true that TouchWiz gets slow and affects performance far more than AOSP, and it looks like Samsung is finally going to fix it.

According to Business Korea, industry sources claim that Samsung’s next iteration of TouchWiz for the Galaxy S6 will be far lighter on the features and the bloat. In fact, one said that they’re aiming to simplify the user interface to the level of the Nexus 6. If TouchWiz was as fast and as simple as AOSP, I’m sure a lot more people will be happy.

With the plateau in hardware innovation, everything now rides on software. So Samsung toning down TouchWiz actually seems pretty logical this time around, despite hearing this story numerous times over the last few years. If Samsung nails it on the software, I’ll gladly keep buying the hardware. Will this change your mind on Samsung devices? Leave a comment!

Via: Phandroid

Source: Business Korea

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  • melvin

    After owner a nexus for years and i finally bought a note 4 and i got to tell you i have no regrets. Touchwiz doesn’t seem as heavy as it use to be .everything seems more cleaner. If sammy said they will bring it down some more .i will be next inline for a note 5. Focks dont knock it until you try it. I am glad i made the switch.

    • Richard Yarrell

      You will never get people on this site, androidheadlines, android authority, Droid-life these are typical wave the pom poms for Google and stock android that’s what’s sad.

      We true Galaxy Note owners understand the growth of the Nature UI things have come along well.

      Piss on haters we own them daily.

      • snowbdr89

        We do understand how stupid you are.

      • Semproxion

        If only you had hair as thick as your skull

    • Semproxion

      I converted the other way (S4 > Nexus 5) and the difference in speed is astounding, especially now with Lollipop. My Mrs stayed loyal and got an S5 and feels like a budget phone when using the UI.

  • António P. Cunha

    I’ve been using TouchWiz since galaxy S3 and I just hate it, I’m always find AOSP so much simpler, faster and cleaner. I end up rooting it just to use AOSP custom roms, otherwise I wouldn’t buy Samsung for sure. It’s not the software that sells me the Galaxy line, it’s the hardware, especially AMOLED screens and a very nice camera.

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

    I will believe it when I see it — this is NOT the first time Samsung reportedly toned down TouchWiz in their “next” product. None of them came true.

  • AndyH

    i stopped even looking at Samsung because of TW. Why has it taken all this time to realise that it is hated so much? Apple has proved that most smart phone users just want a simple fast UI, their sales prove that, yet year after year they bloat it out. I know a few sackings have happened at Samsung and maybe someone has had an eureka moment. Now they have moved partly into this century maybe a SIM tray next followed by a sealed battery, then 64gb options and they will have a top phone to compete with Apple.

    • namesib

      In what way is a sealed battery a good thing?

  • Sophia Benette

    This is right decision by Samsung to rectify the problem that may prove as an obstacle in the journey of Galaxy S6. This is almost the last chance for Samsung to maintain its reputation in the world of Android based Smartphones. Although, its recent launch Galaxy Note 4 gets good reviews and ratings from critics because of its features like 5.7 inch QHD AMOLED display, higher resolution and faster charging with quick charge 2.0 charger. Moreover, I wish to see some different design of Samsung Galaxy S6.

  • Mil

    Definitely a good move. The heavy weight of TW has put me off Samsung phones since the S4.

  • Steve O.

    This is long overdue. I stay away from Samsung phones because of it and I’ve advised those who’ve ask me what cell to get to also stay away from phones with TW. I don’t understand why it’s taken Samsung so long for them to realize that no one loves TW. They seem to be completely unaware or just ignorant of what’s said of TW on all of the prominent tech blogs and by cell phone reviewers. Maybe its finally dawning on them ’cause the financial losses in the past year are hurting their pockets. Another interesting theory I just thought of might be that since they want to gradually shift all their devices to Tizen, ther cutting back or simplifying their Android software development efforts. Hmm…

    • namesib

      Ranked highest in the Consumer Satisfaction Index. “Stock” is not a selling point, regardless of what you read on tech blogs.