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Samsung set to announce the Galaxy S6 on March 2


The highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S6 will reportedly launch on March 2 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The news comes as part of a report from Korean site, The Chosun Ilbo, and lines up with past release dates of Galaxy S phones. In 2014, Samsung announced the Galaxy S5 at MWC, and both of the first two Galaxy S phones launched at Mobile World Congress.

The announcement also places the Galaxy S6 toe-to-toe with the upcoming HTC One (M9), which is also set to launch at MWC. Fortunately, the event won’t be overly crowded with flagships, as LG has confirmed that it will not be launching the G4 at MWC, instead spending more time on “perfecting the new phone”.

Leaks have allowed us to build a picture of the Galaxy S6 that involves an improved fingerprint sensor, QHD display, Exynos 7420 processor, 3GB of RAM and a 20-megapixel rear camera. Samsung is also said to be redesigning the software from the ground up, with a heavy emphasis on optimization for the device, to ensure speedy performance. Finally, Samsung is said to be working with a new design for the Galaxy S6, possibly involving metal and glass, which would be a marked departure from past Galaxy S phones that have used plastic. It’s also been rumored that the Galaxy S6 could have a variant with curved edges on the display, similar to the Galaxy Note Edge.

What do you want to see in the Galaxy S6?

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Source: The Chosunilbo

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  • Massimo

    Keep the plastic! Why pick less practical materials for aesthetic reasons when people just put a case over it?

    If they can just take the S5, use the newer Snapdragon chips, give it a 64GB storage option, and Gear VR support, I will be so happy.

    • BlazeHN

      I hate metal designs, they scratch so easily and also unibody forms are bad for repairing, and say goodbye to removable battery with that.

      Problem is mainstream dumb people don’t understand a thing about this, they just want to have metal phone lik the iPhone and sadly that people is who moves the market. And yes, they will just put some $5 ugly Silicone Case on top of it after all *epic facepalm*

      • sue

        I dont use covers and i had no problem with the htc one m7 when i had it.i agree with you on removable battery

    • sue

      I have the samsung galaxy s2 and the flimsy back cover which feels almost like cardboard, cracked just because i was swiching phones by taking the sim out.i hate covers.i had the htc one m7 and i have the ipad air 2 and there is no comparison between them and plastic.samsung arent using snapdragon 810 because of overheating.so you wouldn’t have been happy had they put them in