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Samsung will continue to partner with BlackBerry, no purchase plans


Last week we brought you a Reuters report that Samsung was considering a purchase of BlackBerry. Samsung quickly quashed those rumors, but it didn’t elaborate.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal today, Samsung Co-CEO J.K. Shin provided some clarification on the company’s relationship with BlackBerry going forward. It doesn’t involve an acquisition, however; Samsung is interested in expanding the partnership that the two began in November of last year. That deal involved the companies sharing mobile-security technology.

Shin was quick to point out that the speculation that Samsung might be interested in BlackBerry’s patent portfolio was out of line given that Samsung has 110,000 patents of its own versus the 44,000 possessed by BlackBerry. This seems a hollow point given the patent stockpiling that we’ve seen by all the major players in the mobile space over the last 5-10 years, and particularly for Samsung as one of the central players in many of the blockbuster patent trials.

Shin would not offer any clues as to what the scope of the new partnership might entail, only that they were happy with their own Knox security solution (despite its slow uptake), so we are left to speculate on what Samsung may want from an expanded relationship with BlackBerry.

What BlackBerry tech could you see Samsung benefitting from?

Source: Wall Street Journal

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