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Snapchat Discover makes finding new content from brands easier

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Snapchat has worked itself up to be the go-to place for messages and videos that disappear quickly. Now, it looks like Snapchat wants to expand into the news cycle, too.

Announced today, Snapchat has just unveiled Discover, a new way to use Snapchat to find news and other content from some of the world’s top brands like People.com, CNN, and Comedy Central. The idea is to bring this content, which is driven by the narrative and not necessarily by a number of clicks or views that a story has received already, into new Snaps that can be easily accessed and navigated through to get information on the fly.

Each story will include full-size photos, videos, and advertisements.

Discover can be located within the Snapchat app by swiping over to the right. Once within Discover, a series of channels will be visible, and tapping into the channel will open that channel’s Snaps. Swiping up on a Snap will open that story’s content for more content. When a user has finished with Discover, swiping down will get them back to the main Discover page.

What do you think of the new Discover feature?

Source: Snapchat

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