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Sony refreshing its Android soft keys for Lollipop


Sony’s been using the same custom Android soft keys on its devices for quite a while now, but it looks like those buttons will finally get an update with Android 5.0.

Sony has released an update to its Movie Creator app for Xperia phones, and in the screenshots that preview the update, we can see new Android soft keys. The Back and Recent Apps keys look to be similar to the ones used by Google in vanilla Lollipop, but Sony is still using a custom Home button. The good news is that it’s been updated to better fit with Android 5.0’s design.


Many Android manufacturers use custom soft keys to go along with their unique user interfaces. It’s no surprise that Sony is keeping that trend going with its Android 5.0 update, but the good news is that it’s adopted two of vanilla Lollipop’s buttons, and the third has been refreshed to look more like a part of Android 5.0.

Sony will begin pushing Android 5.0 updates to its Xperia Z3 line in February. What do you think of the custom soft keys that’ll be included with that update?

Source: Xperia Blog

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  • mattcoz

    That icon makes so much more sense than a circle. Now someone needs to make an icon that makes sense for recents.

  • Jake R

    Seriously, how is Sony not using the uniquely identifying Sony brand icons of square, circle, triangle and x on their phones? Google basically underhand tossed that over to Sony with the Lollipop design and they didn’t bite. C’mon man!