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Sprint will give T-Mobile customers at least $200 to trade in their phone


The war between Sprint and T-Mobile continues to rage on. The two carriers have been duking it out with increasingly good deals since T-Mobile started pulling Sprint customers away with its Un-carrier moves. Sprint is firing back with a new promo that’s aimed squarely at T-Mobile’s customer base in an effort to recoup lost customers.

Sprint is offering a $200 minimum trade-in value for working T-Mobile smartphones when T-Mobile customers transfer their number over to Sprint. Added onto that, Sprint will give T-Mobile customers up to $350 on a prepaid card to help pay off equipment installment balances left on phones. The deal makes it incredibly affordable for T-Mobile customers to switch to Sprint. The switch is enhanced by Sprint’s $60 unlimited everything plan that offers unlimited talk, text and data for $60 per month, without a contract.

The move is a great example of the free market at work, with both carriers fighting to offer the better deal to customers, ultimately resulting in lower prices and greater value for customers. The promo will likely bring more than a few customers over to Sprint, which is what the company is intending.

Are you tempted to switch to Sprint with this offer?

Source: Sprint

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  • Dirty Budha

    - I get they it’s a $200 minimum but they aren’t going to dish out $400 for my rooted Note 3. In fact, here’s some details on that $200 trade-in from another site:
    “As with any deal from the big four U.S. carriers, there are of course, stipulations to the promotion. To receive the $200, you have to hand over your T-Mobile phone and then use that credit towards a new phone from Sprint. After that, if you want to get more money from Sprint to cover the remaining balance you owe to T-Mobile on the phone you just handed in, you’ll have to register for the refund online. Then, you’ll get a prepaid or reward card from Sprint.”

    - Sprint’s network is weaker than T-Mobile’s, so most users would be downgrading.

    Personally, I’ve yet to meet a Sprint customer that is happy with their service. They usually justify their choice with “I get a huge discount that the other carriers can’t match.” Or” MY significant other’s job pays for it.”

    I’m glad to see some moves happening to help shake up the market. However, I’m happy with my T-Mobile service in Dallas Texas. So much so that Sprint can’t offer me enough to switch.

    Others will likely disagree but that’a the beauty of freedom.

    • jerrbomb

      This is very true.. They don’t tell you that there are more strings attached to this than meets the eye.. Plus the money given towards breaking up with tmobile probably wonton be given out until after a full billing cycle has occurred.. If not longer..

      • Dirty Budha

        That’s another point, which carries over to the other carriers. They don’t give the ETF refund to you until you show them your bill that shows the fee.

    • ChrisAre

      I’m happy with my sprint service. Lte in Denver is pretty robust, imo.

  • jerrbomb

    When I switched from Sprint to T-Mobile they took three months to give me my credits for switching.. Crazy eh..

  • Joshua

    So if I switch from any other carrier I wouldn’t get the $200?

    • Dirty Budha

      Sprint has a deal for AT&T and Verizon that is different from this deal.