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The Galaxy S 4 GPe is officially retiring from the Play Store


Google Play edition devices are an interesting concept that never gained a whole lot of traction. They were flagship Android devices that were loaded with stock Android and updated directly by Google. Over the past year, we’ve seen most of the GPe devices depart from the Play Store, with only the Samsung Galaxy S 4 GPe and HTC One (M8) GPe remaining. But that selection has been pared down to just one, as the Galaxy S 4 GPe has been officially retired.

After being labeled as “Out of Stock” for quite some time, the Galaxy S4 GPe is now marked as “no longer available for sale.” While the move doesn’t surprise us considering the age of the Galaxy S 4, it now leaves the HTC One (M8) GPe as the only Google Play edition device remaining. Whether or not we’ll see more GPe devices enter the Play Store is unknown, but at the moment, this could be a sign of the impending end of Google Play edition devices.

Do you think the Google Play edition program should continue?

Via: Android Police

Source: Google Play Store

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  • Gary Wilson

    Personally I love the fact you can mash great hardware with great software.
    Would it be so crazy to be able to have a choice on any Android phone were you can choose to go with manufactures skin or GPE(AOSP)?.

  • Paxmos

    Which country are you talking about?…I have not seen GS4 GPE in USA Play Store in a long time!!!

  • kanxa thapa

    Happy new year all of frn

  • SBM_from_LA

    The main problem was price. The vast majority of people in the USA, at least, get their phones subsidized from their carrier… and carriers don’t like this version of the phone.. so people pretty much had to pay full price up front, which didn’t make much sense.

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