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The Saygus V2 has 320GB of storage and a 21-megapixel camera

Saygus V2

Saygus is a name that you may not know, and we can’t blame you. The company has only created two phones. But its latest phone, the Saygus V2, boasts a specs sheet that rivals and even surpasses many of the flagship devices on the market. The Saygus V2 features a spec list that includes notable additions such as a 21-megapixel camera, fingerprint scanner, IPX7 waterproof rating and a whopping 320GB of storage.

That 320GB of storage comes as a result of 64GB of internal storage and two microSDXC slots that can each hold a 128GB microSD card. The rest of the specs list includes a 5-inch 1920×1080 display, 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor, 3GB RAM, 21-megapixel rear camera with OIS, 13-megapixel front-facing camera with OIS, 3100mAh battery with Qi wireless charging, Harman/Kardon speakers, fingerprint scanner and a waterproofed body. It also includes root access right out of the box.

The Saygus V2 isn’t perfect, however. It runs Android 4.4 KitKat for software, though an update to Lollipop is coming in the future. It’s also a chunky device, with a thickness of 9.7mm. In addition to that, the body isn’t particularly attractive. It does, however, sport Kevlar on the back for increased durability. Nonetheless, the Saygus V2′s specs list may be enough to overcome those complaints.

Saygus is working to release the V2 on all U.S. carriers, as well as coordinating a global release, with both launches slated for spring. Pricing is unknown.

Source: Saygus

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  • Roger

    I’ in. After watching the reviews and seeing the hands on of the pre production unit I am blown away. It has what all the others always promised but never delivered. Here’s hoping it will go global. Do you think they would like a swap for my Sony Z3 ? P.S. You forgot to mention it is rooted out of the box :-)

    • http://www.androidandme.com Nick Sarafolean

      Added the bit about root access. Thanks!

    • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

      >> You forgot to mention it is rooted out of the box :-)

      In this case, expect the root access to be taken away when this sentence becomes true: “working to release the V2 on all U.S. carriers”

  • Doug

    Any word on the other dimensions?

  • Roger (TheGadgetPriest)

    Most exciting device of the show in my opinion, lowly as that may be..

  • MitchRapp81

    Wait, do the 2x 128gb cards come with the phone? If not… ??? I don’t see other articles boasting that this or that phone has “192GB OF SPACE” even though it’s 64 internal and a POTENTIAL 128 card….

    • Mil

      Don’t think they are included. The official spec says it’s 64GB with 2 slots for MicroSD: http://ww2.saygus.com/v2/

      • MitchRapp81

        yeah looking back, this was more of a clickbait on the part of the androidandme writer than anything else… or else he wouldn’t have put “has 320gb storage” in the title… “has the POTENTIAL of 320gb storage”

        Again, imagine HP sells you a PC that HAS 12 TERABYTES OF STORAGE but what they really mean is you can fit 3 hard disks of 4TB in it, but it comes with 250gb storage instead.

  • jump

    2015 is still the year of smartphones and we can clearly see it as day by day various models are being released to the market. They all have their aces and trying to prove they are better with the other that are being patronized by techie users.

    • just kidding

      Yeah man, I can’t wait for smartphones to become mainstream!

  • jellyfish


  • magicx

    Awesome device. Who cares about attractive body when this device has such an engineering extreme.. Can’t just wait to have it in my hands…..

    Hope releasing a version for Europe as well…

  • Dirty Budha

    Give it a 6 inch body, I like big phones and I cannot lie, and I’ll buy that bad boy in a heartbeat!!

  • Jonthan

    320GB of Storage and 3100mAh battery that also support faster charging with qi wireless charger? That’s something seems like amazing or something beyond the expectations…..

  • Rising33

    This company just smaked the hype out of other companies *cough, samsung, cough*. Listen, this just proves that phones can have all these features but companies choose not to do it. Of course we know they need to squeeze every dollar out of our wallets they can by adding hardware features incrementally year after year. Now comes along this company most people never heard of and raises the bar and basically clown faces every single big name phone manufacturer out there lol.

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  • Fabio

    Snapdragon 801 would be a deal breaker for me
    hoping for a 805 :)

  • baijusoren

    how many price saygus v2.i like this mobile.
    we want to purchage but where this market.
    please conform to me your mobile price.