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The Saygus V2 will open for pre-order on January 29

Saygus V2

One of the hottest devices of CES 2015 was the Saygus V2, a smartphone that offered a spec sheet better than most other flagships. While the V2 piqued our interest, we were initially concerned that it wouldn’t make it to production, as Saygus’ first smartphone had great troubles getting out there. That no longer seems to be a problem, because Saygus is planning to open pre-orders for the V2 on Thursday, January 29.

Pre-registration has been open for those interested in following the device, and those people are about to get some perks from that. Those who pre-register will receive special discounts and accessories, and those who pre-register and then plunk down the cash for the Saygus V2 will receive limited edition accessories. What is that cost? Saygus hasn’t given an exact number, but is saying that the V2 will be under $600, which isn’t a bad price at all considering its specs.

Pre-registration will continue to be open until 2PM EST on Thursday, at which point it will close and pre-orders will open shortly afterwards. Saygus will utilize Twitter to inform folks of when pre-orders open.

Via: Android Central

Source: Saygus

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  • Mil

    I would jump over this if I was sure that Android updates were around as quick as other manufacturer’s non-Nexus phones. It’s not very fair to compare to a Nexus but other manufacturers have been amazingly quick at releasing updates.

  • Dirty Budha

    The dual Micro SD slots are what set it apart from the rest. The specs are just about, if not even, with most flagships. While under $600 ain’t that bad, I echo Mil’s comment about updates. I worry that there won’t be any for a no-name small brand. In the end, I’d have purchased a phone with potential that’ll never been updated.