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These are the specs of the Samsung Galaxy S6


The Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to be one of Samsung’s best flagships to date and the rumors are pouring in, including a launch date. While bits and pieces of the specs list have leaked, a nearly-complete list is now available courtesy of BGR. The specs that we knew about are, for the most part, confirmed by this list. In addition, there are some new features and specs that we didn’t know about. Take a look at the full list below.

  • 64-bit eight-core 14nm CPU which is 50 percent faster
  • 5.1-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display with a 577ppi density, stunning outdoor visibility, super dim mode for late night.
  • A huge 20 megapixel OIS camera sensor and a 5 megapixel f/1.8 front-facing camera with real-time HDR
  • 32 / 64 / 128GB of storage
  • 2550mAh battery
  • Built-in wireless charging
  • Four hours of usage on a 10 minute charge
  • Quick connect charging
  • Samsung Pay: works with 90 percent of existing magnetic stripe payment terminals, and NFC payment terminals
  • Metal and glass body
  • Gorilla Glass 4
  • Cat 6 LTE

The list reveals that we’re looking at one of Samsung’s most powerful phones to date, and one that will likely perform just as admirably as its specs would lead one to believe. Software wasn’t mentioned in this leak, but previous rumors have stated that the Galaxy S6 will run Android 5.0 Lollipop with a new version of TouchWiz that’s optimized to Nexus-like levels.

BGR also mentioned that it had received photos of the device from its source, but agreed not to publish them.

We’re curious to learn more about Samsung Pay. If it acts like it sounds like it will, it could be a strong step toward ditching the physical wallet and using only your phone. The presence of a reference to a glass and metal body is another thing that excites us, as Samsung’s excessive use of plastic has long felt bland and uninspired, even if it does have some practicality. All in all, the Galaxy S6 looks to be an exciting release for the company.

Source: BGR

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  • Matt

    Unless they have new battery technology, there is no way Samsung will have a smaller battery in the S6 with a QHD display. This is bogus.

    • BlazeHN

      Not really, QHD only really drains more when real content is being shown, for just UI and general it’s as much as 1080p, also the S5 had excellent battery life with the size it had, S6 won’t be different, most probably will be better.

      Samsung have Ultra Power Saving Mode, removable battery, on house optimized processor, very fast charge, Amoled screen, etc. you can bet they will handle QHD very good, not like the LG G3.

      • Matt

        Just look at the Note 4 compared to the Note 3… Huge difference. Not only that, the Note 4 had about the same size battery. Going from 2,800 to 2,550 will not happen with a QHD display.

        By the way, all the pixels still have to light up, no matter the resolution.

      • steve

        No their taking the replacement battery out and at 2600 mah is way too small for phones of 2015

  • BlazeHN

    Yes! Finally! The 16GB storage era on flagships it’s over!

    Also this phone sounds damn good, like a big improve from the S5, way more than the S5 was from S4. Wonder if will have 3GB RAM, I hope yes.

    • Chris

      If I had to take a guess… I’d say the carriers will probably only carry the 32GB version.

      • BlazeHN

        Honestly 32 GB are enough for me, 16 are not.

    • steve

      Well others are coming out with 4gb so I think if they want to be the best. They have already decided against the 810 snapdragon so wait and see

  • DJ

    May be the end of the line for me with Samsung. If I want a glass phone, I would have gotten an iPhone. Drop it’s heavy self on the corner and fracture both front and back in one fell swoop. No thank you. Unless this is speculation, I will be looking at something else.

    • http://www.brokemanstech.com Juan Almanzar

      So you’re just going to blatantly ignore the fact that both the S4 and S5 had “active”/ “sport” versions that specifically have reinforced corners…..

  • Massimo

    Amazing, except for the move to metal+glass body. I like the light, durable plastic. It is beyond dumb that people want these artistic metal+glass enclosures that get wrapped in rubber cases.

    Any word on water resistance? S5 type resistance is great. Xperia Z3 is better on that front.

    Any word on Gear VR support? This has newer CPU/GPU than the Note 4. I am dying to try Gear VR out, but I don’t want a phablet.

  • Trevor Hayes

    No SD card means no purchase and the 64 and 128 variants will probably only be made available to 5% of countries they sell these…

    In 5 years of android I have amassed 110 GBS of non emulator games.

    No ability to store the majority of high def mobile titles on SD means 32 gb does not cut it.

    As is now I have to root and use xinternalsd

    Been using galaxy since the s2 I’ll go elsewhere I could care less about a glass back bs

  • r

    I have enough of their ugly bandaid design

  • sun clock

    Millions of users are really excited of the features and functions of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and they know that it will try to surpass what the iPHone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has released. http://www.crittermap.com/app/sunlight-watch-face-for-wear/

  • Alan

    Really hope their wireless charging is Qi standard, am so used to it now and have a few chargers!

  • steve

    I heard they ordered a bunch of 2600 mah batteries and that they were unreplaceable,which is way too small for 2015. They were also talking about less bloat, but then we hear that there’s going to be a bunch of Microsoft apps pre installed. Why can’t Samsung understand this is 2015 and we learned how to download apps a long time ago? If there’s no Sd card slot, then Samsung truly doesn’t understand the changes we wanted that made the S5 unsuccessful. I like the Nexus like touch wiz though, and the metal body, but you have to deliver everything to be completely successful.