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Verizon deploying XLTE for California BART riders


If you’ve lived in Northern California, and especially in the Bay Area, chances are you’ve taken BART. BART is a high-speed, mostly underground train that can take you quite far for a pretty reasonable price, and plenty of people take advantage of it to avoid driving and having to park.

Previously, mobile connections have been iffy in the tunnels of BART. I remember when AT&T started rolling out HSPA+ and I got great signal for almost two-thirds of my ride, I was thrilled. But now Verizon has announced that it’s deployed XLTE for BART users in San Francisco and the East Bay, though the Peninsula will have to wait until mid-2015 for the rollout to be completed.

This rollout also brings VoLTE, so those who can take advantage of it will be able to call others in high-quality on the trains (now that I’m not thankful for). But it’s great to see Verizon offer better signal for BART riders, so people can actually get some stuff done during the train ride to work or home. How many of you locals ride BART?

Source: Verizon

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  • Bart

    I, Bart, used to ride BART from Dublin to San Francisco when I worked for ATT. (PacBell at one time had a company van that did that transport but when SBC bought PacBell, and then ATT, it discontinued a lot of the services the company used to offer.