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Verizon is raising its activation and upgrade fees


Verizon is making a change to a couple of its fees. Beginning February 5, Verizon will raise its activation and upgrade fees. The activation fee will rise from $35 to $40, a small change of $5. The upgrade fee is going to be rising from $30 to $40, a slightly larger increase of $10. Verizon says that both changes are being made in order to “stay committed to the fees remaining competitive within the wireless industry.”

It seems odd that Verizon is raising fees, while other carriers are seeking to lower prices and offer better value for customers. Both T-Mobile and Sprint are in a neck and neck race to provide the best value for customers, and even AT&T has been affected by the moves made by both of the carriers. Verizon, however, seems to be sitting coolly through it, relying on its extensive coverage to retain customers. While the strategy seems to be working, it begs the question, is it sustainable?

Source: PhoneScoop

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  • Big Red Slave

    Frack you Big Red!

    • Big Red Slave

      Love to hate…

  • Jason Huebel

    I think it may be time to leave Verizon. Verizon customers already pay the highest prices for service. And now they’re increasing upgrade and activation fees?

    Sure, Verizon has great coverage. They’re the only cell service that has reliable coverage in my neighborhood. But, at some point, it just becomes too expensive. But they pile on the additional fees slowly and incrementally in the hopes that customers say, “oh, it’s just another 5 or 10 dollars.”

    Anyway, I can switch to T-Mobile (which only has wifi-calling where I live) and add a land-line at home for cheaper than it’s going to cost me to continue my Verizon service. Looks like I’m making the jump sooner rather than later.

    • Dirty Budha

      Do an XL chart of what all the carriers in your area offer. Then weigh what the saves and pains would be.

      I’m a T-Mobile customer, WiFi Calling is AWESOME, and I love my service. I live in Dallas Texas and have very good coverage here. While I love my service I never tell people to join without knowing what options they have.

      I agree that carriers think we’ll just overlook small increases, even T-Mobile had some late last year, but we are not idiots and blindly say “TAKE MY MONEY!”

      Good luck on your research!

  • Michael Kaufman

    If it wasn’t for the far superior network, Verizon wouldn’t have anything going for them at all.

  • Dirty Budha

    The upgrade fee is a rip-off in my opinion.
    I get that the activation is mostly to pay for the time for some data input, but a computer does the work of

    Upgrade fees are just a straight gouge at our wallet. I have an android phone. I insert my sim into a new phone. With sim in phone the new phone works instantly. I don’t require ANYONE at the carrier to do anything in terms of an upgrade, sans ring up my sale on a device that’s already marked up from what the carrier purchased it at.

    • gadgetgirl

      You can do that with any 4G phone on Verizon and yes that means iPhones. Any 4G phone on Verizon can easily be used with an AT&T or T-mobile sim so I have to agree when my contract is up, I may have to switch. On top of VZ having the most expensive network, while it is worth that, more fees is ridiculous and getting annoying. After so many years with them, you think they would appreciate loyal customers like they used to with their VIP program that gave you special discounts, etc. but apparently that is no longer the case.

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

    Even though I hate Verizon for doing that, I have to admit that as long as Verizon’s coverage continue to be so much better than its competitors, this strategy would work. I myself would love to switch to T-mobile, but its coverage in my area is no match to Verizon. As a result, I couldn’t switch.

  • MitchRapp81

    Holy crap – I thought Canadian telecom was a big rip-off … Verizon charges an activation fee? Hello? They should be glad if I join their service haha. At least in Canada, they give you freebies for joining, not the other way around! – please boycott Verizon as much as u can

  • Deke218

    As long as it’s customers pay, they will charge whatever they want.

  • Bart

    For all the dumping-on ATT receives, and how glorified the big V is, I was curious to see how this news would be received. It seems the web communities love to hate. But one of the last posters made a valid point: V is already the highest-cost carrier. Slapping on additional costs, however minute, is an insult to customers. Since all the activation process is handled by computers, it is not as if they had to hire extra help. They still press the same number of buttons or click the same number of screen presses. There is NO associated cost with activating an account except what can be counted in pennies-worth of electronic impulses. And the upgrade for the physical device is already a different cost. I think these two costs are just a way for all the vendors to soak subscribers.

  • John Patrick

    Greedy fucks…I’m gone when Google fires up it service.

  • alexanderharri3

    I think they’re really trying to see how much people care about the costs of these things, and if they start losing customers they’ll stop – but why not get more money from those who can’t switch due to coverage…. Millions of subscribers X $15 more per upgrade and activation – $0 additional cost = millions upon millions of profit. Sooner or later their network isn’t going to suffice for the extra costs of using them…

  • keith marshall

    let me know when google launches it new service in n.j. i will join.