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Web version of Play Store updated with more prominent Similar section


The web version of the Google Play Store looks to be getting a small refresh, with a notable change in how similar apps are displayed. The layout is similar to that of the classic YouTube layout, with similar apps listed on the right side of the content. The content that you’re viewing has become narrower and more streamlined, with a distinct vertical layout now. Similar apps are placed alongside the content, rather than at the bottom.

The change isn’t huge, but it gives a very different look and feel. The current version of the web Play Store displays content so that it fills the screen horizontally and it’s always felt stretched. This new version shrinks it up on the sides and takes away that stretch that simply didn’t look appealing. We’re still waiting on a full Material Design overhaul for the web version, but at least we’re seeing improvement.

Leave a comment when you begin to see the new version of the Play Store!

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Source: Droid Life

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  • http://dennisbareis.com/ dbareis

    I’d like the search company to provide a decent search facility for the play store, and advanced search with filters. Then I’d actually be able to find stuff.

  • wil

    Can I just say stop making my desktop experience the same as my (portrait oriented) phone experience? This new look SUCKS! I have a wide screen! This seems totally backwards. Can you even get 4:3 screen anymore? I like most of what google does but this is stupid.

    • sml

      After reading your post I looked at my fingernail and noticed that everyone of them are 4:3

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